What Is The Best Driver For Seniors?

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The game of golf is a wonderful sport because it can cater to a wide range of ages and skill sets. As you get older, your swing starts to slow down and it begins to get a little harder to reach those greens in regulation. That’s ok though because I have created this list to help you find the best driver for seniors and people with higher handicaps! No more putting strain on your aging body to keep up with the competition.

There is definitely a strong market out there for senior golf clubs. Companies understand that not every golfer is the same so they have adapted their equipment to keep you playing consistently. There are a couple of things you should be looking for in a driver.

In this article I will highlight the top drivers for senior golfers to keep you entertained for years to come.

My Top 5 Drivers For Seniors

What Makes Senior Clubs So Great

I hate to say it but right around your 50th birthday is when you will start to notice a difference in your golf game. For everyone who ages, muscles and flexibility begin to decrease which in turn provides you with a much slower swing speed. This happens to everyone so don’t feel discouraged when the golf ball doesn’t go as far as you want it to go.

The PGA senior tour starts at the age of 50 because that is when everything starts to get older. Now I didn’t create this guide to make you sad or nervous to hit the big 5-0. Golf technology has advanced so much that with a new set of clubs or a senior driver you will be playing like you were when you were 21!

There are some things that I want to highlight when you’re looking to buy a new driver.

Overall Club Head Design

As you get older it may be harder to hit the sweet spot on the smaller more compact driver heads. Take the time to pick out a driver with a club head size of 460cc. This is the highest size that a driver head can be according to the USGA. A larger driver will also have a much larger sweet spot on the club face. The sweet spot is where you’re going to get the most power and distance off the tee.

Why not make it easier to hit this spot by maxing out the overall club head size. It is best to avoid anything over 460cc because then you are getting into illegal equipment and it won’t benefit you in the long. So try to stick to drivers with a 460cc head and a much larger sweet spot to aim for.

The Loft Of The Driver

For anyone who doesn’t know. The loft is the angle of the club head that controls the overall trajectory of the golf ball out of the tee box. This is usually measured in degrees that range from 7 to 12. A lower club head loft will give your golf ball a much lower launch as compared to a driver with a higher loft angle.

The professional players always prefer a lower lofted driver because it is easier to handle and manipulate on the course. Also it is easier for them to use a lower loft because their swing speed is much faster. As a senior you won’t have that same swing speed so I would suggest looking for a driver with a loft higher than 10 degrees. This will enable you to cover more distance of the tee which is what we are looking to achieve.

Club Shaft & Material

Driver shafts are a wonderful piece of technology. This is the piece of the puzzle that will give you that extra power boost for a slower swing. There are a couple different types of shafts on the market. There are stiff shafts and regular flex shafts. Both perform very well but in your case you should definitely look for something with a regular flex shaft. Stiff shafts are great for players with swing speeds over 100 mph.

Steel or graphite are the two types of materials that shafts can be made out of. Steel shafts have a lot less flex and are a little heavier in your hands. The steel shafts are ideal for a player with a very fast swing speed because they don’t need the shaft to fill the gap. Slower swinging players need to pick a driver made with a graphite shaft. These shafts are a lot lighter and promote a faster swing speed. Save yourself the headache and pick a club with a graphite shaft.

Customization Can Be Your Best Friend

Drivers have come a very long way as far as customization options go. No more purchasing a driver off the rack and not being able to tweak its weight or loft. Most of the drivers on the market now come with some kind of adjustment feature. Some drivers allow you to move the center of gravity weights to the front or back of the club head. Other drivers allow you to dial in a specific loft depending on how you want the ball to fly in the air. I would suggest looking for a driver that has a lot of customization options available. It can never hurt to purchase something that will last you a very long time in the future.

Easy Swing Mechanics For A Senior Player

Having the right mechanics as a senior player can have a lot of benefits. I found this awesome video that really highlights how you should be swinging the club and why it can benefit you in the long run. Take some time to really watch this video and get an overall feel of the mechanics being used. You may be surprised at how well your ball performs on the course.

Best Drivers For Seniors (My Top 5 List)

All of the drivers I highlight in this list check off all the requirements. I will highlight the pros and cons of each driver so you can make the best decision for your playing style. It doesn’t hurt to upgrade your equipment when you start to notice a decrease in distance and speed on the golf course.

Men’s Taylormade M2 Driver

The M2 driver designed by Taylormade is great for any senior golfer looking to get some extra distance off the tee. The engineers for Taylormade have really taken this design to the next level and I think it can definitely compete with some other major brands on the market. This is probably my 1st recommendation for any senior looking to improve their driver or get a club more suited to their playing style. I have created a full length driver review of the M2 that you can check out here but here are some highlights for you to consider.


  • Geocoustic Technology has been implemented in this driver design to give you so much forgiveness off the tee. No more having to search the woods for your golf ball. When you take a swing with the M2 you can be confident that it will land somewhere in the short grass.
  • The overall feel of this driver is light and well balanced. Seniors found it very comfortable to swing and control. You won’t have to worry about swinging a driver that is too heavy or hard to control.
  • Speed pocket designed on the bottom of the club will give you more ball speed off the drive. This is how they are going to get your golf ball really traveling down the fairway. This pocket was a wonderful additional and it really does a lot for this driver overall.


  • A couple users complained that the driver felt a little hollow. This hollow feeling left some golfers unable to tell if they had a miss-hit or not. If you don’t really focus on where your ball is hitting the club face then this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Not being able to adjust the center of gravity weight on the bottom of the driver was also a turn off for some users. I didn’t think it was that big of an issue but I know some golfers prefer to have that option available.

Men’s Cobra King F6 Driver

The F6 driver designed by Cobra definitely gives the Taylormade M2 a run for its money. I personally prefer the M2 driver but if that club doesn’t appeal to you then you should definitely consider the F6 by Cobra. If you want a detailed breakdown of this club then check out this page! The F6 design is well made and has the full package built into it.


  • Adjustable center of gravity on this driver is a wonderful addition. Moving the weights around on the bottom of this driver can alter your ball flight to give you a higher or lower trajectory off the tee.
  • The driver hosel can also be customized to give you a lower or higher loft depending on your preference. Not many drivers on the market have both the adjustable weights and loft built into the club design. Wonderful feature.
  • Titanium club face will have you swinging for the fences. This lighter more powerful club face will give your ball the pop it needs to get it moving. This lighter club face allowed the engineers to develop a larger sweet spot so you can swing and not have to worry about where the ball is going to go.


  • Faster swinging players found this club a little hard to control. If you have developed a much slower swing then this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Another minor flaw of this driver is that the factory grip needs to be replaced after a couple of years. You can avoid this by replacing the grip when you first purchase the driver.

Men’s Ping G30 Driver

I don’t know about you but when I think of drivers, Ping is definitely the brand name that comes to mind. The Ping G30 driver has surpassed their older model the G25. One PGA professional, Bubba Watson, can be seen sporting a bright pink Ping driver at every tournament. If the pros are using the Ping equipment on tour then they have to be doing something right. You can read my full length Ping G30 driver review here!


  • The G30 model by Ping sports fin like additions on the top of the club head called turbulators. These find help to reduce wind drag and give you a faster club head speed upon impact. A lot of reviews online verify that the turbulators did give them a faster club head speed.
  • The driver loft can be adjusted to give you an ideal ball flight off the tee. Dial in your preferred loft and see where the ball goes. You may be surprised at how well it performs.
  • Club weight has been redesigned. The engineers over at Ping have moved the weights to a much lower spot on the club. This weight adjustment will give you a more consistent ball flight and easier swing mechanics.


  • The parts on the G30 model are not backwards compatible with the G25. If you don’t already own the G25 model then it shouldn’t be a problem. I just know that some people pointed this out in some of the reviews.
  • Some advanced players complained that the club almost felt too light in their hands. Someone with a faster club head speed may find this club hard to control throughout their whole swing.

Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

Some of you may not be familiar with the RBZ line of Taylormade drivers. You may be more familiar with the burner brand of the R15 line. Taylormade has broken out of their shells and designed a club best suited for the senior golfer. The RBZ is a wonderful designed golf club that packs a powerful punch off the rack.


  • The large 460cc club head is very powerful out of the tee box. This massive head will have you hitting it distances you never thought were possible. The 460cc head also sports a super wide sweet spot you can aim for.
  • Taylormade’s RBZ driver is super light and the club head has been designed to give your golf ball a much higher launch off the tee. This higher ball launch will give you greater distance in the fairway.
  • This driver also has an adjustable loft just in case your ball flight is not what you are looking for on the course. Simply change the loft of your driver with the twist of a screwdriver. It is that simple to change it up in a pinch.


  • Some users preferred an adjustable weight on the bottom of the driver. The factory designed weighting felt a little off balance for faster swingers.
  • The design and coloring of this driver was bland for some users tastes. If style and coloring is not your thing then you don’t have to worry. It wasn’t that much of a distraction.

Men’s Taylormade R15 Driver

I would have to say that the R15 driver is probably the most well known driver on the market. There are so many customization options available and it looks like you will be tweaking this driver for many years. This might be your next and last driver you will ever need. It is definitely a powerhouse in the driver community. You can see why it so powerful in my full length review.


  • The two sliding weights on the bottom of the driver can be adjusted to give you a fade, draw, or dead straight shot. I don’t think there are any other drivers on the market doing 2 adjustable weights.
  • There are so many customization options available with this driver that it really doesn’t matter what your skill set is. This club is great for any player.
  • The center of gravity weight has been positioned perfectly and the driver will give you a consistent ball flight each and every time. The driver feels very comfortable in your hands and definitely doesn’t distract from your overall swing.


  • Tough to aim this driver around corners. This driver does a fantastic job keeping the golf ball straight that some users found it hard to change the path of the ball. If you’re just concerned about keeping it down the middle then this is your driver.
  • Older pieces aren’t compatible with this driver. If you have older Taylormade clubs then they are pretty much useless because the R15 uses all new technology and pieces.

My Overall Conclusion And Choice

As you can see from this review it can definitely be challenging to pick the best driver for seniors or players with a high handicap. If you go into the buying process with an open mind and know what to look for it can make the procedure a little easier. I have definitely outlined a lot of pros and cons for some models on the market.

If I had to make a choice on the best driver it would have to be the Taylormade M2. The overall feel and performance of this driver far exceeds other drivers on the market. This club will keep you in the fairway and also bring down your handicap at the same time. You won’t have to kill yourself anymore to keep up with your competition.

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