The Best Golf Drivers On The Market

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Golf has so many clubs on the market to choose from. You have your irons, putter, wedges, and most importantly the driver. The driver is probably the most essential club in your bag. The best golf drivers on the market have come a long way since the wooden club designed in the 1400’s.

Over the centuries, golf technology has improved so much. Now you can adjust weights and lofts to alter your ball flight in the air. No more having to perfect you swing to get the longest distance off the tee. Now you can simply dial in the best combination and take a whack at the golf ball.

There are so many companies competing to be the best name in golf. Every brand promises to have the best equipment to make your golf game more enjoyable. I created this guide to help you navigate the waters and pick the best golf driver for your playing style. No more guessing.

My Top Driver Choices For 2018

Things To Consider When Buying A Driver

There are many things to consider when buying your first driver or updating to a newer model. If you go into the buying process with some ammo behind you it will make your decision process a little easier. Most people just go into a pro shop or store and buy the latest and greatest model without evaluating their playing ability beforehand. This is not a good choice and will probably end up costing you a lot of money.

What Is Your Skill Level

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional golfer. There is always going to be a driver that will suit your style of play. Golf companies started to come to the realization that not every golfer has the same skill set. Nowadays more advanced drivers come with adjustable weights or loft adjustment capabilities.

The great thing about these new advancements is that with the flick of a switch or in this case a weight, you can completely change how you ball performs in the air. No more buying a driver off the rack and having it perform poorly on the course.

Club Head Size

The United States Golf Association (USGA) regulates golf clubs so that everyone can be on an even playing field. Driver heads can come in all different shapes and sizes. The largest club head size a driver can have is 460cc. The cc at the end of the number stands for cubic centimeters. No club manufacturer can design a club that has a club head size larger than 460 cubic centimeters.

Larger club head sizes are the most forgiving. The large head gives way to a larger sweet-spot on the front of the face. I would have to say that if you are a beginner to average player, a larger club head will be your best bet. More professional players prefer a smaller club head size because it is easier to control and manipulate around the course.

Driver Loft

Loft is best described as the angle of the club face on the vertical axis. Usually drivers vary in loft from 8 to 12.5 degrees. Depending on how your golf ball leaves the club face will determine which loft is your best choice. A lower degree loft will give the ball a much lower ball flight. Higher degree lofts will do the opposite. Some of the more advanced drivers on the market will have adjustable lofts so no more trying to figure out which loft is the best for your playing style.

Shaft Flex

Shaft technology has become so advanced. No more long metal rods that don’t bend or do anything fancy. The technology in shafts have come a very long way. Shafts are now graphite and are very flexible. This flex will give you a much faster club head speed on impact. If you have a slower swing speed then I would suggest looking for a shaft with more flex because it really can improve your overall swing.

Make Sure To Jot All That Down!

If you go into the buying process with some information to back you up, it will make your decision that much easier. In the current year, many of the best golf drivers on the market cater to every playing ability. The amount of customization options available on one driver is fascinating. You will be surprised at how much your game improves with a quality driver suited to your style of play.

What Are The Best Golf Brands?

There are many wonderful brand names in the game of golf. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming because each company promises to be the best brand on tour. The more you play and the more you get a feel for different manufacturers, you will start to pick out your favorites. If you are just starting out then I would suggest trying all the brands and start to create a list of all your favorites. Here is a brief list of some of the top manufacturers in golf.


When I think of golf, the first name brand that comes to mind is Titleist. There is a reason why so many pros on tour endorse the Titleist name. The reason being that their equipment works! Titleist has some of the best performing clubs and balls on tour but these tools definitely come with a heftier price tag. You are definitely going to get what you pay for if you buy a Titleist club. Those clubs will last you forever and treat you very well on the course. Some of the professionals on tour using Titleist are Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Paul Casey, Bubba Watson, and Ian Poulter.


Back when golf started to really get popular, Callaway was not very hip with the new equipment. This company which was born in California, took a major restructure and now their equipment is known for smashing it down the fairway. The Callaway brand is very well known on tour and one of their big endorsers is Phil Mickelson. Callaway is known for their Big Bertha line of equipment and their really long drivers off the tee. This is a solid company and I don’t see them going anywhere soon.


Drivers are definitely the staple for the Taylormade brand. Many people don’t know that Taylormade is actually a child company of Adidas. You can definitely see in their equipment that they know what they are doing. Taylormade loves to surpass their previous models every time they design something new. They usually end up blowing the old model out of the water. That is actually a good thing because you know that you will be getting the biggest and best that they can offer.


If you want a brand that has slick looking equipment and performs amazingly well then you should check out Cobra. Their drivers have so many customization options that you will be tweaking your driver for years to come. Their drivers will stay in your bags for years and that is a good thing. Just like Taylormade, Cobra is owned by sports giant Puma. One golfer huge in the Puma brand is Rickie Fowler.


I would have to say that besides Titleist, Ping is the 2nd most used brand on the PGA tour. Ping has been around for a very long time. Although they are known for irons and wedges, Ping has some quality drivers that are starting to make a name for themselves. I definitely suggest checking out Ping’s catalog and seeing what they have to offer.

How To Actually Hit A Driver Straight

My List Of The Best Golf Drivers

It may seem like a very daunting task to pick a driver out of all the available models on the market. Luckily this guide will make it very easy and I will show you my top choices for drivers and outline their features that set them apart from the competition.

Cobra F6 Driver

  • Impressively long driver off the tee. You will get an amazing amount of distance with this club in your hands.
  • Redesigned club head provides you with a large sweet spot. No more miss-hits or shanks.
  • The club’s weight is very well balanced. The club won’t feel top heavy or uncomfortable. It will make your swing very smooth and one motion.
  • The “Front to Back” center of gravity weights on this club are fully adjustable. You can alter your ball flight by simply moving the weights to the front or back of the club.

Ping G30 Driver

  • Ping has installed turbulators on the top of the club head. These new features will reduce wind resistance and give you a much faster club head speed.
  • The engineers at Ping have made it very hard to miss the fairway with this driver. The restructured components for this driver will give you a solid ball flight and consistent accuracy out of the tee box.
  • There are unlimited customization options available with this driver. Ping really took this driver to the next level with the amount of options available.
  • This driver sounds amazing when you make contact with the golf ball. You will be turning heads on the course.

Taylormade R15 Driver

  • This driver is considered the most advanced driver on the market. No matter what your skill set is, there is a setting on this driver for you. Tweak and modify this club to get a consistent and accurate ball flight each and every time.
  • Club head is designed to give you a lower ball flight and consistent accuracy. No more searching for your ball in the woods.
  • Sliding weights on the bottom of the club head allow you to dial in a fade, draw, or anything in between. Simply loosen the screw and move the weight to your desired location. It is that simple!
  • The weight of the club has been shifted to the bottom to promote the lower ball flight I mentioned earlier. This lower center of gravity will get your ball spinning and really smash it down the middle of the fairway.

Callaway XR Driver

  • Club head is made to give you a faster ball speed off the tee. New technology gives this driver a thinner club face which promotes a faster ball speed.
  • The “Speed Step Crown” has been implemented in this driver to reduce wind drag and give you a quicker swing.
  • If the golf ball is not performing the way you like it simply change the loft until you are satisfied.
  • The larger face on this driver will give you a much larger sweet spot to aim for. All your drives will feel amazing with this driver in your bag.

Taylormade Aeroburner Driver

  • Engineers have completely revamped the old burner brand. This new driver by Taylormade has a redesigned club head to promote a smoother & faster swing.
  • Taylormade put a new shaft on this driver. The Matrix speed RUL-Z 50 graphite shaft gives this driver a very light feel in your hands.
  • Behind the club, engineers have designed a speed pocket to give you an added performance during impact.
  • Advanced engineers for Taylormade have designed this driver to reduce wind drag and give you an amazingly fast club head speed through your whole swing.


Any player can find a driver to suit their style. Each golf company has designed their driver model to be the biggest and best club you can buy. Don’t let the fancy words fool you. Stick to what you know and always go into the buying process with some ammo.

Don’t always go for the most expensive club or the newly released model for the golf season. Don’t be afraid of the new technology and always experiment with the different brands. You may be happy to see what improves your score! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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