Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper Players

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The term “mid handicapper” is something every golfer wants to get to sometime in their golf career. Most people strive for the low handicap while a good chunk of golfers end up in the mid handicap range. These pool of players really know what they are doing around the greens and out of the tee box. A mid handicap golfer usually breaks 90 every round and likes to hang out in the 80s range for a final score. One pain point with these players is they would like more distance and control with their irons. So I created an article of some of the best golf irons for mid handicapper golfers out now.

Top 5 Iron Sets For Mid Handicap Players

Am I A Mid Handicap Player?

If I was going off of handicap and playing ability I would have to say that a mid handicap golfer is someone who has a handicap between 7 and 17. This means that when you go out for a round of golf you break 90 and usually keep your score in the mid 80s. You’re the person that everyone wants to play with because you can keep the pace of play going and you’re not searching for your ball the whole round.

What If I Am Happy With My Current Set?

If you are happy with your current set of irons then I wouldn’t suggest upgrading to something newer. If you feel like you can’t find the sweet spot anymore or your handicap is getting higher instead of lower then it is probably a good time to invest in a new set. Around 50% of golfers are playing an incorrect iron set. Some are hitting blades when they should be hitting cavity backs while others are struggling to get their distance right. If you have a weird feeling that what you are currently using is holding you back on the course, then you should keep reading on for some of my recommended iron sets.

What Should You Look For In An Iron Set?

When picking out a solid iron set you should be looking for a couple characteristics. The first thing you should be looking for in an iron set is that it is indeed a full set. Some cheap companies on the market try to short the number of irons in a set. Some will only offer lower irons and a wedge. You should look for a complete set that starts at a 4 iron and goes all the way down to a pitching wedge.

Another feature to look for in an iron set, is that they are engineered with a cavity back. Having an iron with a cavity back gives the golf club a much larger sweet spot to aim for. Having a wider sweet spot will give the golf ball the accuracy and distance it needs to reach the target.

A third and final thing to look for in an iron set is that the club head is a little offset with the shaft. This offset feature will keep your golf ball straight in the air. Irons without this offset usually travel in the wrong direction and are a lot harder to control around the course. Save yourself all the headaches and find something with an offset club head. If you want to get the best golf irons for a mid handicap player then try to also avoid sets that have hybrids or woods instead of irons. The woods and hybrids open up a new dynamic for you to control.

Are There Any Sets I Should Avoid?

There are a couple of terms floating around the club rack that you should run away from if you don’t have a 3 handicap or better. Terms like blade, forged, pro, tour, muscle back, and players should instantly throw up a red flag. You should put those clubs back on the rack and keep looking around. These types of clubs require an almost perfect swing and mechanics to achieve success. If you’re not shooting under par then don’t even look at these irons.

Another thing to avoid in an iron set is if the clubs lack a cavity back of any sort. As I mentioned earlier, an iron that has a cavity back usually has a much larger sweet spot on the club face. Irons that lack this cavity back will have a much smaller sweet spot and be a lot harder to hit consistently. You’ll be able to spot this almost instantly when you flip the club over and look on the back of the club face. If the design is flat then that means there is no cavity back and it should be put back on the rack.

Another red flag, but nothing to be scared of, is if the iron set includes really high irons like a 1, 2, or 3. Higher irons are much harder to hit if you don’t have the right mechanics. Most companies substitute these really high irons with fairway woods because they are more forgiving. If you see a set that has a 2 or 3 iron instead of woods then you know you are getting into some advanced clubs. Just something to be aware of.

One final thing to consider is if the shaft lines up right above the club head. If there is no offset between the shaft and club head then these irons are going to be very hard to hit. The more professional clubs on the market don’t have this offset because it allows the player to manipulate the ball path far more easier.

Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper Players – Top 5

All of these irons have been handpicked by myself and really check off all the boxes for an iron set great for any mid handicap player. I would love to hear what you think about these choices in the comments below! Maybe you have some other suggestions that you have used in the past or are currently using.

Taylormade M4 Iron Set

I have said this many times in other articles I have written. Taylormade has done some wonderful things with their “M” line of golf clubs. The engineers have really taken their time and done some extensive research for manufacturing these clubs. The M4 line is Taylormade’s latest release in the “M” line. You will gain so much more distance and accuracy with these irons in your golf bag. I personally took a couple swings with these irons at my local driving range. I was getting so much distance off the short grass it was unbelievable. The M4 irons by Taylormade, definitely take the top spot for distance, forgiveness, and accuracy on this list. That is why it is my #1 choice for mid handicap golfers.

Key Features

  • RIBCOR technology has been introduced by the Taylormade engineers. This localizes the face flexibility to give your golf ball more distance and accuracy off the grass.
  • The weight has been completely optimized on both the heel and toe. This has increased the MOI giving you a lot more forgiveness to work with. If you combine this with their new speed pocket, these irons will feel phenomenal during your swing.
  • The weight and mass of these irons have been shifted a lot lower on the club head. This will give you the launch and distance you’ve been dreaming of haha. Also, the fluted hosel takes a lot of weight off of the older models and gives you a stronger feeling iron set.

Taylormade M2 Iron Set

So the M2 iron set is what I am currently using in my golf bag. Unfortunately, I bought the M2 irons right before the M4 irons came out. The stores were having a sale on the M2 irons because they were making room for the M4 irons set to come out the next month. I was in desperate need of new irons so I jumped at the low cost.

It is safe to say that I am very impressed with the M2 irons. They have been nothing but good to me on the course. I would have to say that I am getting 10 to 15 additional yards per iron. Also my accuracy has improved dramatically. I am hitting shots that I never imagined with my older iron set. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money then definitely get the M2 irons.

If you want to check out my full breakdown of the M2 irons by Taylormade follow that link.

Key Features

  • Speed pocket technology has been introduced on these irons. The pocket reduces wind drag and allows your club to travel around your body a lot faster. Some users reported a 5 mph increase in swing speed.
  • Redesigned face slots have been engineered on these irons. The benefit of these slots is if you hit the ball on the heel or toe it is still going to perform well in the air. A lot of positive reviews about the new face slots.
  • The center of gravity has been lowered and feature tungsten weighting to give you maximum power. The lower CG will give you a more powerful launch and improved ball speed.

Callaway XR Iron Set

The Callaway XR irons are perfect for anyone looking for a game improvement iron set, but are also playing at a mid handicap level. The sleek look of these irons really pop on the course. The team over at Callaway has introduced a couple of new features to this iron set. These irons are definitely built around speed. The engineers have incorporated a lot of features that make this a really fast club to swing. The cup 360 feature introduced with these irons really give your ball the pop it needs to travel further down the fairway and onto the green.

These irons also have an amazing feel and sound to them. Whether you have a miss-hit or sweet spot shot, these irons will feel the same throughout. Your swings will be smoother and all of the mechanics will fall into place when you take these irons for a swing.

Key Features

  • Cup 360 technology increases you ball speed by acting like a spring. The club face will actually flex around the golf ball to give it the pop and spring it needs to go further.
  • The Internal Standing Wave (ISW) gives these irons a much lower center of gravity and really increases the MOI. This allows the cup 360 face to flex more and also gives your golf ball the trajectory it needs thanks to this flex.
  • Any shots with these irons straighten out in the air. You shouldn’t feel nervous to take a whack with these irons.

Mizuno JPX EZ Iron Set

I wrote an article on the best Mizuno irons for any golfer. The Mizuno brand has been around for a long time and their golf department is really dependable. The engineers are always pushing the envelope and it shows in all of their products. Some well built Mizuno irons are a little bit on the pricier side but you get what you pay for. If you want irons that are going to last a long time then you should stick with the Mizuno brand.

The JPX EZ irons are perfect for anyone looking to lower their score and try to break that dreaded 80. The technology and power packed into these wonderful irons will have you bringing down that score in no time. Sporting the largest sweet spot in golf, the JPX EZ irons will get the golf ball where it needs to go. Forgiveness is at an all time high and if you combine that with the power of these irons, you will be unstoppable. If you’re serious about your game then you should definitely consider this iron set.

Key Features

  • Engineered with a Max Pocket Cavity for an insanely huge sweet spot. It really doesn’t matter where you strike the club face. You’re most likely going to get a sweet spot.
  • The club face is designed with a hot metal to give you max distance. Some users reported a distance increase of 10-15 yards per iron.
  • Lower irons have a deep pocket to increase your accuracy around the greens and really make those balls stick on the putting surface.

Cobra King F7 Iron Set

The Cobra brand has a very strong following in golf. They are a very powerful brand that is always looking to push the envelope as far as design goes. The F7 iron set is another wonderful addition to their products. These irons fit the definition perfectly for a game improvement iron set. Any mid handicap player will highly benefit from these irons in their bag. If you pair these irons with the Cobra F6 driver it can be a deadly combination on the course.

The engineering team over at Cobra has made these irons very thin looking. You don’t get the feeling of a big clunky club. These irons look more like a blade when you address the ball, but they perform like a cavity backed club. So you still get the forgiveness and accuracy that you usually get with a cavity backed set.

Key Features

  • The club face has been reinforced with PowerShell technology. This tech gives you a stronger club face which means you’ll get a faster ball speed.
  • The majority of the weight has been moved to the perimeter of the club head. This is called Zone Weighting technology and it is something that is working for the Cobra team.
  • The higher irons have been engineered to give the golf ball a lower spin speed while the lower irons have been designed to give the ball a much higher spin speed.

So Which Iron Set Is Best For A Mid Handicapper?

I would have to say that there are two distinct winners for this category. I am a huge fan of the Taylormade “M” line of clubs. If you are a mid handicap player then I would suggest picking up either the M4 or M2 iron set. The M4 irons are a little bit more expensive than the M2 set.

Both sets performed exceptionally well and they give you a considerable amount of distance in the short stuff. Your accuracy will be on a new level and you’ll be hitting shots like the pros do. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper Players”

  1. Excellent guide Shawn on golf irons for mid handicappers. I’m a mid-handicapper who’s been playing for over 5 years, and my current irons are getting pretty desperate. I’m looking for a new (quality) set of reliable irons. I like to have some forgiveness in my clubs, but nothing too over-the-top with super chunky heads, so these recommendations are just right for me. Still, I would imagine that some mid-handicappers like super GI stuff, while others like workable blades. I just came from Golfstead, and their guide features some of the same models. Have you tried the PING G400 irons, and if so, what are your thoughts on them? Thanks!

    1. Hey Kevin thanks for the comment! I have actually tried the G400 irons before. They are definitely designed with power and distance in mind. I found these irons to be very forgiving out of the rough and also in the fairway. They have an awesome design to them. They are sleek but also very powerful. If you pick them up I would love to hear what you think of them!


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