What Are The Best Mizuno Irons On The Market?


The Mizuno brand has been around since 1906 when it was founded by Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno. Originally, the brand focused on athletic wear and was very popular in the baseball community. Mizuno really switched to golf products in 1933 with the introduction of Star Line clubs. Some of the best Mizuno irons are still around today and I created this wonderful guide to highlight which ones are my all time favorites.

Top 5 Mizuno Irons

Some General Advice For Buying An Iron Set

There are some things you should consider when purchasing a new iron set for yourself. One thing that I like to point out to someone looking to get a new iron set is to avoid a no name brand or a set that is super cheap. There are many companies out there like Titleist, Taylormade, Mizuno, and Callaway that excel in creating golf clubs because they have a dedicated engineering team behind them. Smaller companies that aren’t as popular try to undercut the larger companies by producing an iron set that doesn’t perform as well on the course.

If you are looking to lower your score and have fun doing so, I would suggest investing the money towards an iron set that will increase your performance on the course. Mizuno has an amazing engineering team on their side and their products are next level. Don’t let the Mizuno name scare you away. They do have a lot of other sports under their umbrella but their golf department knows what they’re doing with their manufacturing.

I prefer to look at the big picture then taking it year by year. If I purchase an iron set, I want the clubs to last me more than 4 or 5 years. Mizuno’s irons are built to last and you will get a lot of rounds out of these clubs.

Avoid Blade Irons… Unless You’re A Pro

As an average golfer, you may fall into the trap of buying irons that have a blade design instead of a cavity back. Unless you have a handicap below 8 you shouldn’t be hitting blade irons. In order to be successful with these clubs you need to hit the sweet spot every single time. If your swing is not in pristine condition then your next round of golf will be a disaster. You’re probably better off throwing these clubs into the pond. I like to leave the bladed irons to the pros and people who really know what they are doing.

Some bladed iron sets may have a smaller price tag, but you should put up the extra money and get something with a cavity back. Your golf game will be a lot more enjoyable. Having a cavity back gives the irons more forgiveness and accuracy. Engineers started putting cavity backs on their irons because they noticed that they could increase the sweet spot on the face of the club. Now miss-hits and off-center shots will still keep your golf ball traveling straight because you will still be hitting a sweet spot. You won’t need a picture perfect swing if you have an iron set that sports a cavity back. Just try to keep that in mind.

Try To Find Clubs With Cast Iron Heads

Just like blades vs cavity backs, irons also have different club heads to choose from. There are two types of club heads for irons, cast & forged. I’ll make things simple and say unless you are an expert golfer, stay away from forged irons. Forged irons are usually more expensive and a lot harder to control. Cast heads are produced in higher quantities which give them a cheaper price tag in the stores. Cast heads also allow the engineers to modify and add their own enhancements to give your irons more performance. Average golfers will get more benefit out of an iron set with a cast head.

Pick One Shaft Material And Stick With It

Steel and graphite are two of the most common materials used for shaft design. When buying an iron set try to pick something that has a steel shaft. Steel shafts give you a lot of shot feedback and they also provide a stable feel during your swing. You should only switch to a graphite shaft if your distance is deteriorating or your ball speed is not where it should be. The graphite shaft will give the club the flex it needs to get your distances up to par.

Also try to keep all your shafts consistent in your bag. Besides your driver, everything in your bag should have the same type of shaft material. This will help you to judge your swing and keep all your tweaks consistent throughout your whole bag. Save yourself the headache and just keep everything the same. I have seen some bags where some clubs have a steel shaft and other clubs have a graphite shaft. You aren’t going to get better at the sport if your clubs aren’t consistent.

Best Mizuno Irons – Top 5

Mizuno MP-15 Iron Set

Mizuno’s MP-15 iron set is balanced well and perfect for any skilled player. What makes these irons fantastic is that the engineers combined a forged club head with a cavity back. You get the power and strength of the forged head but the forgiveness and accuracy of a cavity backed iron. When you address the golf ball with this iron you will notice clean and compact lines all around. There is a “titanium muscle” insert that is forged into the club head for increased power upon impact. The forged and cavity back blend well together and the MP-15 iron set wins the top spot on my list.

Key Features

  • The “Titanium Muscle” design increases your forgiveness and also gives you the power required to hit your irons really far.
  • The carbon steel and titanium material combine to give you a soft and consistent feel in the fairway. Gives you greater feedback with each shot.
  • The sole has been redesigned to give you a smoother swing upon contact. The sole material allows the irons to slide easily through the short and long grass.

Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Iron Set

The JPX 900 Hot Metal iron set is perfect for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. When you swing these clubs for the first time you will notice that the golf ball is traveling a lot farther than it was with your other irons. The JPX 900 irons have a noticeable light feeling to them. This is because the club head is designed with Chromoly 4140M metal. It is very light but also hard enough to get your golf ball traveling very fast. Forgiveness is also very present in these irons thanks to the Power Frame technology designed by the Mizuno engineers. Finally, the soles of these irons give the golfer a lot of flexibility around the course. Golfers can bend the golf ball very easily with these clubs.

Key Features

  • The Chromoly 4140M steel makes these irons super strong but also light at the same time. Chromoly is a combination of chromium and molybdenum. Try saying that 10 times fast!
  • The moment of inertia (MOI) has been increased due to Mizuno’s Power Frame Technology. The clubs power has been moved to the perimeter of the club face. This allows for more forgiveness and a lot extra power.
  • Engineers have changed up the club face for a faster ball speed and longer distance. The CORTECH face is one of the latest technologies in the Mizuno line.
  • The irons sole has been triple cut to reduce friction and give you a more consistent contact with the grass.

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Iron Set

I know in my article I pointed out trying to stay away from forged irons if you are a beginner or average player. I wanted to point out these irons for anyone reading this with a very low handicap. The JPX 900 forged irons are a very well built iron set from Mizuno. The club head on these irons are made with Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron composition. This allowed the engineers to make a thin club face with a ton of power packed into it. Miss-hits with these irons are consumed by the edges of these clubs to still keep the golf ball going straight down the middle. That is called Power Frame Technology. A speed pocket has also been added to the back of these irons to reduce wind drag and give you a much faster swing speed.

Key Features

  • The 1025 Boron gives these irons a lot of power and strength. Slower swinging players will definitely benefit with this added material.
  • Engineers have moved the majority of weight to the perimeter of these irons. This weight shift is called Power Frame Technology and it increases the MOI.
  • A speed pocket has been engineered and added to the back of the club face. This pocket reduces wind drag to give the golfer a much faster club head speed. A faster club head speed equals a much longer distance in the fairway.
  • Ball speed and distance has been increased dramatically due to the addition of Mizuno’s CORTECH technology. This tech gives the club a larger sweet spot to help the golf ball travel farther.

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Set

The MP-18 irons are special because they are a throwback to some of the irons that were designed back in the day by Mizuno. This iron set combines some of the older technologies to give you an authentic yet powerful iron set. The club head is designed with carbon steel that makes it a lot more powerful than most of the irons on the market. You will get an incredible amount of years out of this iron set. Harmonic Impact Technology has been crafted into these irons to deliver a consistent feel and amazing feedback. The MP-18 irons look fantastic and you will be turning a lot of heads on the golf course.

Key Features

  • Extremely clean looking iron set that touches on some of the design elements present when Mizuno golf was first introduced. I would definitely have to say that these irons have a very retro look to them. Don’t let the older design scare you away though.
  • The carbon steel present in these irons are much stronger than other irons on the market. The MP-18 irons will definitely outlast some of the more popular clubs on the market.
  • These irons definitely fall into the blade category of irons. I would suggest these irons to someone with a very low handicap and knows how to adjust their swing accordingly.

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Iron Set

The MP-18 MMC iron set is slightly different than the MP-18 iron set. The MMC is geared more towards the average golfer. These irons have more of a cavity back and give you more forgiveness than the regular MP-18 irons. The MP-18 MMC irons have been designed to give you optimal flight and distance off of the rack. There is a nice nickel chrome finish that really make these irons pop in the sun. There is a huge sweet spot that was designed to fill most of the club face to give you optimal feel and distance.

Key Features

  • These irons have been constructed with a vast array of materials. All of the metals blend together magnificently to give you a powerful iron set.
  • The grain flow engineered for these irons give you a greater feel and feedback read.
  • The chrome finish really tops off these irons. There aren’t other clubs on the market with this same color scheme.

So Who Is The Winner Of The Bunch?

All of these irons by Mizuno are some of their best designs. Depending on your playing ability, that will dictate which iron set you should look into. If you are a beginner golfer looking to really get into the game of golf then I would suggest the Mizuno MP-15 iron set. If you are a more skilled player with a lower handicap then I would have to suggest the Mizuno MP-18 iron set. These are some of the best mizuno irons on the market and you will be surprised at how well it improves your game. I would give the Mizuno brand a try and see what they can do for your score.

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