What Are The Best Taylormade Irons On The Market?

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The Taylormade brand is very well known in the golf community. Many of the big names on tour are sponsored by the brand. Some of the names include Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and Jason Day. It must mean something for the brand when all of these professionals are playing your equipment. Actually, some of the best Taylormade irons have been in my bag during my own golf career. I feel very confident with this brand and I think that all of their clubs are made with precision and craftsmanship.

Top 5 Taylormade Irons

A Couple Tips To Hit Your Irons Better

Hitting your irons solid can be an amazing feeling if done correctly. When you hit a bad iron shot you can instantly feel it in your whole body. The ball doesn’t go where it needs to and you’re left with a horrible stinging feeling in your hands. Your club is thrown back into the bag…sometimes followed up with a couple swear words. Then it is off to your next shot. Here are some tips to help you hit your irons better and get the shots you always wanted to hit.

Start Your Shot With A Low Takeaway

Most iron shots, especially the longer irons, require more of a sweeping motion to get the golf ball traveling straight. One method that I like to tell everyone is to take your club back “low and slow”. The slow backswing usually gets my swing on an even plane and really helps to promote a solid ball strike. The low swing plane will give you the sweeping motion required to hit an iron solid. Next time you’re on the course give it a shot.

Keep Your Arms Straight Throughout The Whole Swing

During my iron shots I always tell myself before the swing happens to keep my arms straight, especially my right arm. Doing so will promote a shoulder turn and not just lifting my arms. Many newer golfers try to swing with just their arms and it produces a weak club head speed and un-accurate shots. Try to really lock in your arms and get those shoulders turning. Your shots will become more consistent and accurate.

Iron Shots Require Your Whole Body

Surprisingly, iron shots require your whole body to be moving, to produce the desired shot. When I was first starting out I was just swinging with my arms and I was getting really frustrated. I took a couple lessons and my teacher told me to rotate my whole body and really get into the shot. The full body rotation will give you the speed and power you need to hit a consistent shot. One tip he gave me was to open up my left foot (if you’re a righty) a little and this will promote a whole body rotation. Also before you start your downswing you should already be turning your hips towards the flag stick.

Don’t be afraid to make a divot

I actually saw a lesson once on tv from Tiger Woods. I remember him saying that during all your iron shots you should be taking a divot. This will ensure you a striking the ball solid and on the right line. Your goal during the shot is to trap the ball between the club head and the grass. Your divot should also be in front of the ball and not behind it. If you notice divots behind the ball then that is a good indication that your swing is not on the right plane. New golfers are usually afraid to take up divots because it feels a little weird. Don’t be afraid to get in there and really take a good whack at the golf ball.

Let The Irons Do The Work

When hitting any shot on the golf course you should let the club do all the work. Many players think that they need to “help” the ball into the air. Engineers have designed these clubs in a specific way where they will get the ball into the air when contact is made. Always make sure you are finishing your swing and allowing all your weight to come around your body. When you are finishing your swing it should feel like you are giving the golf ball a back hand. That’s when you know the shot was a success. Don’t try to help the ball into the air because that is what the club was designed to do on its own.

Sweep Your Longer Irons

Newer golfers always like to take the same swing path for all of their irons in their bag. Longer irons require a different swing than a shorter iron. One of the greatest golfers on tour, Tom Watson, suggests sweeping your longer irons. He also suggests setting up the ball slightly forward in your stance to help with the sweeping motion. On a longer iron shot you should be sweeping the club and not digging it into the ground. You can still take a divot but it shouldn’t be as drastic as a shorter iron shot would be. For a longer iron shot you want to make contact just slightly below the golf ball.

Try Clubbing Up On Your Shots

This is one tip that was given to me a while back and I still use it to this day. Whatever club you think you should hit, take the next club up and make a slower swing. Most golfers come up short with their iron shots. A lot are killing themselves to get the golf ball to the green. Save yourself the headaches and club up on your shots. Take the next club up but almost make a 3 quarter swing. Your ball will go further but you may start hitting more greens. The shorter swing can also keep you in control throughout your whole mechanics.

Set Up Closer To The Golf Ball

If you are really struggling with your irons then try setting up closer to the golf ball and choking down on the club. Combine that with clubbing up and you will be hitting your irons solid all the time. Standing closer to the golf ball will give your shaft a more vertical path. Standing close promotes solid contact because the ball is trapped between the turf and club face. Clubbing up will also give you a lower ball flight so the ball will travel a lot farther. Shorter irons pop the ball up into the air. This pop fly won’t give your irons the distance it needs for longer shots. Don’t stress yourself out and just club up. Your scorecard will thank you.

Best Taylormade Irons – My Top 5

The Taylormade brand was started in 1979 in Carlsbad, California. The company jumped into the market with their first driver called “metalwood”. This steel constructed driver took the golf world by storm and the brand really took off from there. Now, Taylormade has a ton of different products on the market and one specialty of theirs is their iron sets. Here are some of my favorite Taylormade irons and which ones performed well for me on the course.

Taylormade M2 Iron Set

Taylormade has really done a lot of wonderful things with their “M” line of clubs. From drivers to irons, the M branded clubs are outperforming many other brands on the market. I currently have the M2 iron set in my bag and I absolutely love them. They are a wonderful iron set and have given me a ton of distance in the fairway. I would have to say that I am getting 10-20 more yards per iron with this set. They have definitely outperformed my older set of Dunlop T-Line irons. The M2 irons have been completely redesigned from the ground up to give you better performance on the course. If you want my full review of the Taylormade M2 irons check it out here!

Key Features

  • A redesigned speed pocket has been engineered on these irons to give you more club head speed upon impact. The speed pocket reduces wind drag to give you a more solid swing speed.
  • The sweet spot on these irons are huge! Any miss-hit or off-center shot is still going to hit the sweet spot on the club face. All of your shots will feel solid whether it was a bad swing or solid one.
  • The face slots on the club head have also been redesigned. This gave the engineers room to cut the leading edge by 33% to give you a lighter more powerful iron set.

Taylormade Aeroburner Iron Set

The aeroburner iron set by Taylormade is great for any beginner golfer looking to upgrade their irons. This iron set has been designed to give you maximum forgiveness and accuracy around the greens. You will have maximum confidence with these irons in your bag. These irons also sport a redesigned speed pocket like the M2 irons above. The speed pocket is great because it reduces drag while you’re taking a swing. You could pair these irons with the Taylormade Aeroburner driver for maximum performance.

Key Features

  • The COR face on these irons will give you maximum ball speed. The COR face will also give you a much higher launch than other irons on the market.
  • Combine the COR face with a lower center of gravity and this iron set is a powerhouse. The shift in the center of gravity will give you a great feel when you strike the golf ball.
  • Huge sweet spot on these irons give you maximum forgiveness. No more having to worry about where you’re going to strike the golf ball. Pretty much, the whole club face is a sweet spot so grip it and rip it.

Taylormade Rocketbladez Iron Set

The recurring theme with the Taylormade irons is that the speed pocket is being implemented on their clubs from this point on. Taylormade’s Rocketbladez or Rbladez, had a lot of build up around this iron set. Also sporting the speed pocket design, the Rbladez are ultra thin and built for performance. These irons are also great for any beginner looking to up their iron game. The Rocket Bladez have a great feel to them and the weight is distributed well throughout the club. The irons also look great from a cosmetic standpoint. The smoky metal finish with the green stripe on the clubhead really make this club pop.

Key Features

  • The speed pocket technology and ultra thin club face are a great combination to give you a powerful clubhead speed and maximum distance in the short grass. The engineers at Taylormade have really taken this iron set to the next level.
  • These irons will make your short and long game very consistent. With the addition of the inverted cone shape and high MOI, these clubs will perform well from your first shot to your last.
  • Just an all around great iron set. The outside looks amazing and the technology packed into the club head is phenomenal.

Taylormade M4 Iron Set

I really stand by the “M” line of clubs that Taylormade puts out. I think that the engineers are doing a wonderful job with this line of clubs and I think the technology being used is next level. Taylormade recently came out with the M3 & M4 line of clubs. I had a chance to test out the M4 irons at my local range and these clubs felt amazing. I got this feeling that I could crush the golf ball. The engineers have introduced a new type of technology called RIBCOR. This is meant to increase your distance and tighten up your shots in the air. I would have to say that the M4 irons are the longest irons in the M line of clubs. You will get unbelievable distance with this iron set.

Key Features

  • Definitely designed to be the longest irons (distance wise) in the M line of clubs put out by Taylormade. I thought my M2 irons were long. The M4 irons take the top spot for this statistic.
  • RIBCOR technology has been introduced to give you the maximum distance needed. The engineers have developed the RIBCOR technology with two things in mind. Those things were maximum distance and increased forgiveness. I think they achieved both of that.
  • The leading edge on these irons are super thin. This will give you the height and distance needed to get that ball traveling towards your target.

Taylormade PSi Iron Set

Taylormade definitely makes a lot of iron sets for beginner players. The team decided that they wanted to make an iron set geared more towards the better golfer. The PSi iron set is great for any above average golfer that wants even greater control with their irons. This set definitely is harder to hit so if you’re swing isn’t perfect, you should stick to the other four options on this list. The new Dynamic Feel System reduces vibrations and gives you a lot better feedback with your shots. I would have to compare the look of these irons to a more bladed feel. The thinner look gives you greater control and allows you to really manipulate your ball flight in the air. If you know what you are doing then the PSi irons are definitely something to consider.

Key Features

  • The cut-thru slot on the bottom of the club acts as a speed pocket. The slot will give you a faster club head speed and a quicker ball release.
  • These irons make great contact with the turf. No more sticking into the grass when you have a bad swing. The metal used in designing these irons allow the club to slide over the grass with ease.
  • The best way to describe these irons is that they have the distance and forgiveness of an iron with a cavity back, but the feel and look of blade irons. An awesome combination.

So Which Taylormade Iron Is The Winner?

All of the clubs manufactured by Taylormade are amazing. If I had to declare a winner it would be a toss up between two of the iron sets. I would have to say that the M2 & M4 iron sets are wonderful additions to any golfer’s bag. Both iron sets offer phenomenal distance in the short grass but also maximize forgiveness as well. If you are looking for a game improvement iron set the M2 or M4 irons are going to be your best choice. I personally have the M2 irons in my bag at the moment and they have definitely lowered my score and made the game of golf that much more enjoyable!

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