Men’s Callaway XR Driver Review

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Product: Callaway XR Driver

Manufacturer: Callaway

Slim Golf Rating: 3.68 out of 5


  • Faster ball speed off the club head
  • Very forgiving driver off the tee
  • The feel of this club is lightweight and extremely balanced
  • Consistent play each and every time you swing the driver


  • A little tricky to line up to the club head
  • Driver is not as adjustable as other drivers on the market
  • The shaft may be too long for some golfers

Key Features

  • The new technology and thinner face on this club with have your ball traveling so much faster down the fairway.
  • The “Speed Step Crown” has been implemented in the overall club head design. This design change will speed up your swing because there will be less drag.
  • There is a good amount of adjustability options with this driver. Choose from 8 different lofts as well as lie configurations.
  • Larger driver face will have you hitting the sweet spot each and every time you take a swing.

The Callaway brand has had a lot of successful driver designs in the past. Their brand new XR model has a lot of competition to live up to. I created this Callaway XR driver review to show you what the new model has for features so we can really see if it beats out the old veteran clubs.

If I knew about this driver earlier on it would have improved my game dramatically. I am hoping this review can help you make the best choice so you can start driving the ball farther off the tee so the game is more enjoyable.

Review Of The Callaway XR Driver

Detailed Review Of The XR Driver

Callaway has had a magnificent run with their older X2 model. After swinging the XR model a couple of times I would have to say that it outperforms the X2 on a number of levels.

Callaway has completely changed up this driver to give you a comfortable feel and major distance off the tee. They have revamped the club head to give you more speed when taking a swing.

This driver is perfect for any skill level and I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for an affordable driver that doesn’t have a lot of adjustability then this driver by Callaway is your best choice.

Callaway XR Driver Design – 3.75 out of 5

The overall design of this club is good. There are many more better options out there for design but this club does the trick. I would suggest this driver for any beginner or intermediate player looking to get some extra yardage off the tee.

The design is simple but yet packs a powerful punch. You won’t have a lot of configuration options like the Taylormade R15 but there is still some things you can change like club head loft. 

Overall this driver does its job but don’t look for a massive amount of configuration options.

Club Technology & Accuracy – 3 out of 5

As I mentioned before in the design section, there isn’t much in this club as far as technology. If you are new to the game it can be quite confusing tweaking a club that has a lot of weight options and loft settings.

Accuracy can be a tricky subject to talk about due to varying skill levels. The bulk of clubs accuracy has to do with where you are lining up and how you swing the golf club. If your swing is all over the place then needless to say you won’t be very accurate off of the tee.

This driver can definitely improve your accuracy a little bit, but it is up to the player on how they use it. If you have a pretty consistent swing and everything is fluid then this driver will make you that much more accurate. Accuracy shouldn’t play a huge role in your decision but it is always something I like to touch on.

Driver Performance – 4 out of 5

Surprisingly the Callaway XR driver performs very well. There are a lot of positive reviews on the web about how great this driver performs on the course. Callaway has made some changes from their older models to really up their performance on this club.

Don’t expect massive yards at first. This driver will take some time to learn and get a feel for. 

Feel Of The Driver – 4 out of 5

The one key factor that stands out in my mind was how well this driver felt in my hands. When you swing this club, you will notice how easy and uncomplicated it is to smash the ball. A huge plus which I consider sometimes is how the driver sounds when it is hitting the ball. I know it sounds a little funny but a solid sounding driver gets me every time.

With the XR, your playing partners will definitely notice how amazing this driver sounds. Everytime you hit the ball it sounds like the ball is going 400 yards… even if it only goes 200! The sound just gives you a great feeling when you are addressing the ball at the tee.

The balance and weight of this club will have you double checking to make sure its the right club. Your swing will not be the same after you swing this driver. Everything becomes so fluid and one motion.

Alternatives To The Callaway XR Driver

If the XR is not your style or it just doesn’t feel right then here are some other alternatives. I based these drivers off of the same criteria that I based this driver review on. Furthermore, you should consider all of the options and make the best choice for your playing style.

Taylormade M1 Driver

  • The M1 by Taylormade provides unlimited adjustment opportunities.
  • The driver’s movable weights may seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of them, it can completely change your playing style.
  • There are roughly 5,800 different weight combinations for this driver.

Cobra King F7 Driver

  • The Cobra KING F7 driver has a very intricate interior that really makes the club feel powerful.
  • Along with the adjustable loft, the Cobra KING has a lot of weight options to keep that ball in the center of the fairway.
  • Cobra is a very trusted brand name in golf.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver

  • Titleist is the go-to brand name in the game of golf. Most PGA professionals play the Titleist name and everyone swears by their equipment.
  • The 917 D3 driver by Titleist is a powerhouse off the tee box.
  • This top heavy driver keeps the club down during impact for a further and stronger ball flight.

Should You Buy The Callaway XR Driver?

Although there are a ton of golf drivers on the market, nothing really compares to the Callaway XR. The company has really outdid themselves with this club design.

This driver is perfect for any beginner looking to improve their drives all the way up to a professional looking to shave a couple shots off of their handicap. When you are hitting this driver off the tee you will feel confident which can really change your playing style.

Like I mentioned earlier on, I wish I knew about this club back when I was just starting out. I could have saved myself a lot of headaches trying to figure what was wrong with my drives.

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