Callaway XR Fairway Woods Review

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Product: ​​Callaway XR Fairway Woods

Manufacturer: ​Callaway Golf

Slim Golf Rating: ​4.5 our of 5


  • The XR fairway wood by Callaway will give you the maximum speed and distance needed on the golf course.​
  • Callaway has completely redesigned the club head on these fairway woods. The XR woods have improved aerodynamics and the weight has been distributed evenly.
  • Engineers created a lower center of gravity that allows the golf balls to fly further and higher.
  • Carpenter 455 steel makes up the club face and this allowed the designers to create a much larger sweet spot.


  • Unfortunately the XR fairway woods aren’t adjustable. Many brands now have clubs that allow you to change the loft or weight for improved performance.

Key Features

  • The XR fairway woods sport a much higher Moment of Inertia (MOI). The high MOI will give you increased performance on the golf course.
  • Engineers have crafted a larger club head to get you out of any sketchy situation. The XR woods are great in the short and long grass.
  • The aerodynamics have been improved to reduce wind drag and get you a faster club speed.
  • Fujikura Speeder shaft is a wonderful addition to these woods. This graphite shaft will give you the speed you need to get the ball moving down the fairway.
  • The center of gravity weight has been shifted lower for an increased launch upon impact.

​​Callaway XR Fairway Woods Review Video

​Complete Breakdown Of The Callaway XR Fairway Woods

Callaway has always had a strong backing in the golf industry. The company has been around for a long time and their legacy continues to grow. There are a ton of professionals on tour that are sponsored by this wonderful company.

I hope you recognize some of the big names like:

  • Phil Mickelson
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Henrik Stenson
  • Marc Leishman
  • Kevin Kisner

Their XR line of clubs have won countless awards both on and off the golf course. Take a peek at this review and see why so many people are swinging these woods in the fairway.

​The XR Design - 4.5 out of 5​​​​​

The overall design of these fairway woods are expertly crafted. The engineers at Callaway have created woods with a much larger club head compared to other clubs on the market. Now it has become easier and more effective to strike the ball correctly.

I know one thing that I struggle with a lot when using my fairway woods is trying to feel comfortable with the smaller club heads. I have swung the XR fairway woods a couple of times and the club head size was definitely noticeable. It was definitely a wonderful change and I think a lot of golfers will approve the larger club head.

The club has a flat black paint job with hints of blues and reds. There isn’t anything flashy about the club. It simply does what it needs to do. It gets the ball flying high and far. Hopefully to the right target.

​​Callaway's Club Technology - 4.5 out of 5​​​​​

The team at Callaway has done a lot of wonderful things with this line of clubs. There were many changes done on the inside that give you the added performance and skill you need. First thing the team did was enlarge the sweet spot on the club face. This was achieved by thinning out the face and adding a hyper speed face cup. The cup is giving you a huge sweet spot to aim for and it’s also going to speed up your swing. After a couple swings with the XR fairway woods, you’ll notice your ball is traveling much faster and longer.

The engineers did a phenomenal job with their that they just tried to replicate everything in the fairway woods. Carpenter 455 steel has been built into the club face to give you the forgiveness every golfer desires. With these woods in your bag you will feel confident to take stronger wacks at the golf ball. Shots seem to straighten out and stay on line even with mishits. It’s a wonderful feeling to have on the tee or in the fairway.

​​Fairway Woods Performance - 4.5 out of 5​​​​​

The overall performance of these woods is stunning. When you make contact with the ball you will notice that these clubs have a long and straight flight and also a mid to high path. This is the ideal setting for any fairway wood. The shaft, club head, and grip promote an explosive range off the tee or in the short grass.

Many testers noticed that if they were hitting this club off the tee that a much lower ball promoted a better performance. This should go to show you that this club was made to be hit out of the rough or in the fairway. Now I am not saying just to use this club on your 2nd or 3rd shots. These woods can be used off the tee but just make sure to tee the ball down really low.

With the XR woods in your bag getting to the greens in regulation is achievable. On par 5 holes you can get close to the greens in two and with a simple chip and a putt you could be making birdies instead of bogeys. With the XR all of this can be done with ease.

​​​Overall Feel Of The Woods - 4.5 out of 5​​​​​

I would have to say that the feeling of these woods is comparable to many other clubs on the market. The weight has been distributed throughout the whole club and it promotes a smooth and fluid swing. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust center of gravity weights like some of the other clubs on the market. That’s ok though because this club feels and performs great right off the rack.

As I mentioned earlier most of the weight has been shifted to the bottom of the club head. This will promote a smoother swing around your whole body. The weight almost helps to get the golf club moving. Slower swinging players can definitely benefit from these woods in their bag.

​Overall Opinion

Overall, the Callaway XR fairway woods are great for any golfer at any skill set. If you are struggling to get the ball to the green with your irons then I think you should definitely consider a fairway wood. The Callaway brand is great because they have excelled in creating clubs that outperform a lot of expectations.

If you have used the XR fairway woods in the past or you currently have them in your bag please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about them!

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