Cleveland CBX Wedge Review – Full Breakdown

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Product: Cleveland CBX Wedge

Manufacturer: Cleveland Golf

Slim Golf Rating: 4.25 out 5


  • Wider sole on the wedge gives this club more forgiveness around the green. No more sticking the club head in the grass for a chunked shot.
  • Consistency is Cleveland’s #1 goal with this club design. Consistency and forgiveness run hand in hand with this club.
  • Engineers have balanced this wedge to feel great in your hands. No more having to battle with an overweight wedge that barely does the job.
  • Looks like an iron but acts like a wedge. Cleveland has designed an outstanding wedge that looks and feels like an iron but has the same performance package as a wedge.


  • This wedge has a much higher bounce than other wedges on the market. Some golfers prefer to hit a club with a lower bounce point.
  • A couple reviews found it difficult to get used to the cavity back.
  • Some players found it a little difficult to get used to the larger wedge sole. I used to be comfortable with a “blade” like wedge but after hitting the CBX I was converted to a cavity back wedge.

Key Features

  • Cleveland wanted to break out of the norm when it came to wedge design. The team over at Cleveland designed a club that looks like it would fit into an iron set. They installed a cavity back to allow for more forgiveness and consistency.
  • Everyone wants forgiveness when it comes to irons and drivers. Cleveland wanted to also make their wedges forgiving. When I say the term forgiving when referring to a wedge I mean being precise and consistent every time.
  • The CBX wedge sports a wider Dual-V sole so your club won’t get stuck in the grass when attempting a shot. The issue with chunked shots around the green is because the blade like wedge gets lodged in the grass and it is much harder to get out. The CBX design has a wider sole, so the club can slide through the grass or sand depending on your lie.
  • Cleveland has moved their center of gravity to where you would most likely hit the golf ball. The contact you make with the ball feels great.
  • This wedge tops the list as far as ball spin goes. The CBX wedge keeps the ball spinning even if you have a miss-hit or off center shot.

The team over at Cleveland has really outdone themselves when it comes to wedge design. The VP of research and development, John Rae, wanted to design a wedge that fits in with the other irons in your golf bag. The team redesigned the wedge to feature a cavity back to allow for more consistency around the greens and in the sand. The CBX wedge is breaking barriers and getting into a whole new club design template. Whatever they changed is working because this wedge is getting a phenomenal amount of feedback.

Cleveland CBX Wedge Review Video

In Depth Review

Cleveland is definitely a brand known for manufacturing quality wedges. The company strives on being excellent as well as giving you a well built club to do the heavy lifting. The team over at Cleveland Golf wanted to break out of the norms and design a club that looks like it would belong with your iron set.

One feature that you will notice right off the bat is the redesign of the club head. Engineers have created a cavity back because no other companies were doing it. The team figured that 84% of golfers were using cavity backs for their iron sets. Why not do the same for wedges. The results were very impressive and I think the CBX will convert a lot of “bladed” wedge players.

Wedge Design – 4.5 out of 5

As mentioned earlier in this review, the CBX wedge has taken design to the next level. With the addition of the cavity back on these wedges, golfers now have greater control around the green and in the sand. Forgiveness is something you should want the most in your wedge shots. These shots need to be precise and on the money every time. Cleveland did just that with the CBX design.

Another design feature you will notice with this wedge is the addition of the wider sole. The wider sole was put into this design to eliminate chunked shots around the green. The wider sole will make it a lot harder to stick into the ground. With this wedge you will get more of a “sliding” feeling when making contact with the ground. It is a wonderful feeling to have.

Wedge Technology – 4.5 out of 5

There have been some technological upgrades with this wedge design. There are actually three different technology improvements going on in this wedge. The engineering team has even come out and said that the CBX is loaded with technology and built for normal golfers. The wedge is designed to give you an increased amount of performance around the green.

One awesome thing to point out is that Cleveland engineers are putting these clubs through a two step micro-milling process. What this does is increase the friction on the club face to really get your ball spinning fast. A couple of other companies started doing this as well because they saw that it was working for Cleveland.

Another cool thing is the Tour Zip grooves. The grooves have been designed with a U shape to improve your ball contact and prevent golf balls from flying over the green. I know this has happened to me a handful of times on the course. You think you’re going to hit a beautiful shot but then it starts flying over the green and doesn’t even make contact with the grass. Then it is time to take the walk of shame to get your golf ball.

Wedge Performance – 4 out of 5

Performance is something that Cleveland wanted to get right. They knew if these new wedges performed well on the course then more people would want to try it out. The addition of the cavity back was a major question for the team over at Cleveland. I would have to say that this cavity definitely improves the performance of the wedge and gives you an amazing amount of confidence around the green.

The CBX wedge is amazing when it comes to spinning the ball. Cleveland’s wedge is probably at the top of the list for wedges that get your golf ball spinning the fastest. During some tests the CBX had a 1,000 RPM advantage over other wedges on the market. If you’re looking for a club to stick it close around the green then you need to look into the CBX wedge.

Overall Feel – 4 out of 5

The overall feel of this wedge is solid but sometimes lacks a little bit of feedback. With the build and design of these new wedges, the feedback you normally would get has been muted. Some players prefer some kind of feedback around the green. It gives some golfers a sense of comfort to know if they had a miss-hit or off-centered shot. It allows you to readjust for the next shot.

Besides the feedback, the CBX has a great feel in your hands. The weight has been distributed well and it feels very comfortable around the green. Cleveland has designed a magnificent wedge that feels great all around.

Should You Buy The Cleveland CBX Wedge?

I definitely recommend the Cleveland CBX wedge. The team has taken the wedge game to the next level. With the addition of the cavity back, this wedge now feels like it belongs with your iron set. This wedge design has brought a lot of forgiveness around the greens and out of the sand. Being worried to hit a short chip shot is something of the past. Take your game to the next level with this redesigned wedge.

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