Evnroll Putter Review – Such A Beautiful New Face

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Product: ​​Callaway XR Fairway Woods

Manufacturer: Evnroll

Slim Golf Rating: 5 out 5


  • This club has completely changed how putters are designed and crafted.
  • All mishits stayed straight and traveled the same distance. Putts curved in towards the hole when struck incorrectly.
  • The Evnroll putter is outperforming a lot of its competitors on tour.


  • There isn’t much negative to be said about this putter. This club outperformed my expectations and it is crushing a ton of putters on tour.

Key Features

  • This specific company has revolutionized the way that putters are made. Guerin Rife originally set the standard for putter companies worldwide. Rife has gone back to the drawing board and designed an even better putter.
  • Mishits with the Evnroll seem to straighten out magically on the way to its target. With the addition of the Sweet Face Technology, hitting a straight putt is almost guaranteed.
  • Two small dots on the top of the putter allow for easier alignment. It doesn’t matter if the putt is left to right, right to left, or dead straight. If you line the golf ball up correctly with these two little dots you are almost guaranteed to sink the putt.
  • Evnroll has also figured out how to weigh their putters correctly. Companies now, can’t seem to figure out the correct weighting designs. Evnroll has designed their putters to be “Swing Weight Balanced”. Now you will get a consistent motion each time you take a stroke.
  • These putters are made in the USA and are backed by a strong force of engineers and designers.
  • The company has won a ton of awards for having the best putter on the market. I expect the awards to continue growing.

Evnroll Putter Review Video

Full Breakdown Of The Putter

Many golfers have a strong bias towards different brands on the market. When people think of putters, their minds instantly go to a Scotty Cameron or Odyssey. These are the companies with the highest marketing budgets that are constantly getting their names out there. They definitely have some high quality clubs but there are a horde of smaller companies coming up that are doing some magnificent things.

As a golfer you should have an open mind because after doing research on the Evnroll putter I just knew I had to throw it into my bag and keep it forever.

The Putter Design – 5 out of 5

The overall design of these putters are simple but they pack a very powerful punch. They definitely aren’t as flashy as some of the other brands on the golf market and that’s ok. You definitely won’t be turning any heads on the golf course with this putter design. I actually prefer a putter without all the flashy colors and designs.

As I mentioned before, there are two little dots on the top of the putter that are used for aiming the shot. There is just something about this putter where all the shots seem to straighten out and find the cup. The dots are super helpful for aligning the putts for breaking rolls. This design may seem tiny but it makes a world of difference.

The weight on these putters have also been redesigned from the ground up. Golf companies can’t seem to get the weighting down for different sized putters. It is either too heavy or too light. Evnroll and their team of engineers have designed something called “Swing Weight Balanced”. Now all of your strokes will feel consistent and strong.

​​Evnroll’s Putter Technology  5 out of 5

“Sweet Face Technology” is the secret formula that is going to get your golf balls rolling straight and long whether you have a mishit or dead center strike.

Roughly 20 years ago Guerin Rife came up with what he thought would be the ideal putter technology. Golf companies started to adopt this technology for their own clubs. Rife believed that grooves running on the face of the putter allowed the golf ball to roll smooth upon contact. His methods were copied and replicated across almost every putter.

Now in this current year, Rife has redesigned the putter face and came out with the Sweet Face Technology. Guerin has changed up the milling process that happens on the front of the club face. The grooves are thinner in the middle and as you move out to the corners of the putter the grooves get larger. This will give you a uniform speed whether you hit it on the corners or in the middle.

Rife and team does a wonderful job explaining this milling process in the following video. Definitely very interesting and probably a groundbreaking improvement.

Putter’s Performance – 5 out of 5

As you progress through your golfing career you will begin to notice that you don’t always need to have the name brand equipment and clubs. There are smaller companies developing and building amazing clubs. Most of the time you just need to let the performance speak for itself.

Evnroll isn’t a very well known brand but hopefully I can change your mind with this putter review. If we stuck with the bigger golf brands back in the day we would still be hitting wooden drivers. A smaller company decided that titanium was the way to go and they sort of paved the way for new driver designs.

A lot of people are claiming that Evnroll is paving the way for a new putter design and I completely agree with them. A quick tip is to always make sure your clubs are cleaned and able to perform to the best of their ability.

The performance aspect of the Evnroll putters are something I have never seen. All of the shots taken with the putter ended up in the same finishing spot. This test was put up against a couple of different brands. Mishits shots almost seemed to curve towards the middle of the putter. The only way for you to believe me is to try it for yourself. It truly is fascinating.

​Overall Feel – 5 out of 5

When you’re putting the golf ball you want a club that is going to feel great but also give you the momentum you need. These putters by Evnroll are so comfortable in your hands. The weight has been distributed evenly and the club doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Your swing is going to be one motion when you putt with this club. I haven’t putted with a more comfortable club ever. The grip on the putter is built well and the center of gravity weight is distributed evenly on the putter head.

My Final Opinion

Guerin Rife and his engineering team are doing some wonderful things over at Evnroll. They have completely redesigned the putter to get you a smoother more consistent roll everytime. This club has won a lot of awards and I think that they will have a lot more awards coming their way.

After swinging this putter a couple of times I knew I had to have it in my bag. My putts were rolling smoother and straighter compared to all the other putters I have tried in the past.

Evnroll is on a breakthrough and I think that a lot of companies will begin to copy the new design. The company is backed by an awesome CEO with a ton of experience designing putters.

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6 thoughts on “Evnroll Putter Review – Such A Beautiful New Face”

  1. Hi Shawn, I enjoyed your Evnroll review. I am fairly convinced to buy one of these putters but I have one curiosity: In all the Rife robot test videos and diagrams everythig is based on a 20 or 25-foot putt. I’m wondering if a 40 or 50-foot distance would have parallel putts from heel/center/toe…or would heel/toe putts cross the target line at some point beyond 25 feet…?

    I got to your website trying to find this answer


    1. Hey Keith!

      Sorry for the delay on this comment back. The 40 or 50 footers appeared to roll the same way the 20 – 25 footers would. This is an awesome line of putter and I think you will be very happy with your purchase.

    1. I would have to agree with you Eddie! This putter is amazing and it doesn’t come close to any other putters on the market. Definitely a wonderful club to have in your bag.

  2. This Putter Is awesome I have to See The Rick Shiels Review On this Putter. And You Right About The Putter Is Good.
    Keep Sharing This Kind Of Stuff. Thanks, Shawn Fitzgerald.

  3. Stephen J Gamble

    I purchased an Evnroll putter this week after having a fitting with Travis. I played today and the results were amazing!!. Everyone has their good days and bad days putting but what impressed me was everything Travis talked about in the fitting came true. The fitting was NOT a putting lesson. It was fitting a putter to my stroke. I ended up with a 0 degree loft, with 66 degree sloped shaft.
    I was amazed at how the ball rolled rather than hopped on longer putts and my distance control was really good.
    26 putts, no 3 putts, 4 makes of 20+ feet and 6-8 from inside 10 ft. [the other 2 seemed like misreads]
    Highly recommend the Evnroll putter and Travis for a fitting.
    Happy customer!!

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