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Sometimes in the game of golf, the clubs aren’t the only thing that is going to make you a professional. There definitely is a physical aspect to the game but there is also a mental aspect that comes into play. If you can conquer the mental part then the physical part is a lot easier to overcome.

I know for me personally, I get REALLY nervous on the first tee. I can feel all the eyes just staring at me. This constant golf anxiety on the first tee usually makes or breaks my round. With all that being said I never knew there would be a supplement out there to overcome these first tee jitters.

Let Me Introduce First Tee Shot!

So I was constantly seeing on social media that there was a liquid shot out there called First Tee Shot. The product promises to “Elevate Your Game” and also get rid of those first hole jitters. At first I thought it was too good to be true and it was just some kind of snake oil trick. I am writing this post today to let everyone know that I was 100% wrong! There is something definitely magical about this product.

So What Does It Promise To Do?

The first red flag I had with this product was how many things it promised to do. Usually when I see a golf company promising to alleviate so many common issues with one product it is usually nonsense. First Tee Shot can actually back up these claims because they truly have a solid product. Here’s what is being promised by the company.

  • ​Helps Alleviate First Tee Jitters
  • ​Formulated To Increase Focus
  • ​Swing Smoother & More Relaxed
  • check​Make Those Short Putts

The claims being made by this company almost seemed too good to be true, but I will be the first person to back up their shots. After drinking this shot it definitely did take my game to the next level. I felt more relaxed on the first tee and also throughout my whole round. My swings felt easier and I noticed that I was making a lot more putts.

To get the best results make sure to take one bottle 15 minutes before your round starts. This will allow the formula to get into your system and relax you. One bottle should help you out for 18 holes of golf. I wouldn’t suggest taking anymore than that.

What Exactly Is In This Shot?

The flavor that I got to test out was called birdies berry. The flavor wasn’t overpowering or nasty. I found it easy to take over the couple of rounds I played. After getting the full concentration and relaxation from this product I just had to find out what was in it. On the box as well as the bottles it highlights zero calories, zero preservatives, and is sugar free.

Ingredients In The Bottles

There are many powerful ingredients packed into this small bottle. Each ingredient contributes to relieving your anxiety and helping to relax you.

  • Vitamin C – This antioxidant helps with cognitive function and is super powerful.
  • Magnesium – This is what’s going to keep your blood pressure at a normal level and keep your heart rhythm steady.
  • Gaba – This is a natural ingredient that reduces anxiety and alleviates stress.
  • L-Theanine – This ingredient prevents your blood pressure from rising when you’re stressed.
  • L-Carnitine – This is an amino acid that gives you a slight energy boost.
  • Chamomile – This antioxidant is proven to lower stress and is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • Lavender – Lavender reduces anxiety and is also a crucial essential oil that relieves stress.

Ingredient Source:

My Personal Experience With The Product

I personally get nervous to try anything that hasn’t been extensively tested by people in the community. I had never heard of First Tee Shot being the frequent golfer that I am. None of my friends use the product and I didn’t really see it in too many pro shops. I think the reason being is because they are a newer company trying to make it in the golf niche.

After trying the product for myself I would love to see their brand in a lot more pro shops. After seeing what it could do for my game and nerves it’s a no brainer. I would definitely buy it again if more pro shops were selling it. What I would probably do is pay for the round of golf and then take my shot before teeing off.

I can’t stress enough how easier it made it to tee off on the first hole. I can back this up by saying that I would not have written this review if the product did not work. Most products out there are fake and make dumb promises. I only like to promote products and clubs that have worked for me and helped to improve my golf game.

So with that all being said I would highly recommend First Tee Shot to any golfer looking for that extra edge on the golf course.

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