How To Clean Golf Clubs The Cheap Way


Cleaning your golf clubs is a lot easier than it seems. You can go the expensive route and get a cleaning package online or you can save yourself a lot of money and do it at the house. All you need is some simple household items and your clubs will be spotless in no time. Knowing how to clean golf clubs is a good skill to have and a clean golf club will perform much better than a dirty clogged club.

Recommended Materials

Most of these materials you should have lying around your house. I personally like to keep my golf cleaning stuff separate from my household items. I made a couple purchases online and the total was less than $20. This is way cheaper than the cleaning kit online and you will get a ton of washes out of these items.

Step #1: Get The Bucket Ready

Some people prefer to use their sink instead of using a bucket. I have had a lot of accidents in the sink so I was forced to use a plastic bucket. It is easy to stand all the clubs up in it and when you’re done, all the cleaning items can be put in the bucket for easy storage.

Start by filling the bucket with warm water. Don’t use really hot water because it can loosen the hosel on your clubs which will cause the club head to fly off when you swing. Also, cold water won’t loosen the dirt stuck in between the grooves so warm water is the sweet spot. After the bucket is filled with water, squirt a little bit of soap into the bucket and mix it up so it gets really soapy. Let that sit for 30 seconds to make sure everything is mixed up.

You only need enough water in the bucket to cover the heads on your club. Anything higher will loosen the hosel. The hosel is the piece that connects the shaft to the club head.

Step #2: Put Your Clubs In The Bucket

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Once the water is in the bucket and the soap has been mixed up it is time to place the clubs into the bucket. Make sure to gently put them in the water so nothing splashes above the hosel. Allow the clubs to soak in the water for 5 minutes to loosen everything up. You can lean the tops of the clubs against something so they don’t tip over or cause your bucket to flip.

Allow the soapy water to get rid of golf course chemicals as well as other harmful oils on your clubs.

I would suggest only putting your irons and wedges in the water. Try not to submerge your putters or drivers because it can really ruin your clubs. There will be a separate section at the bottom for cleaning your driver and putter.

Step #3: Start To Clean The Clubs

When the clubs have been sitting in the warm soapy water for 5 minutes it is time to start cleaning them. If you went ahead and bought the brushes I recommended at the beginning then I would suggest using the softer bristles to clean the grooves. Only use the wire bristles on the golf course.

If you are having a hard time getting some dirt out of the grooves then put it back in the water a little longer. Make sure to brush the bottom of the clubs as well as the back of the club face. Cleaning the grooves is probably the most important part in the cleaning process. The grooves give your ball the spin it needs to travel far down the fairway.

Step #4: Rinse The Clubs

When the clubs have been scrubbed and there is no more dirt present it is time to give them a quick rinse to wash off the remaining soap suds. Make sure the clubs are spotless but also make sure no water is getting on the shafts or grips. Any soapy water left on the clubs will cause them to rust.

Step #5: Dry The Clubs

Take your microfiber towels and dry your whole golf club. Clean the club faces completely but also make sure to dry the shafts. There is nothing worse then putting wet clubs back into your bag. Not only will you ruin your golf clubs, but your bag will also get soaked. I like to leave my clubs out for a little to let them air dry as well. This added step dries up any water that I may have left behind.

When all your clubs are dry and spotless there isn’t much more to do! You did it, and for less than what a cleaning kit would cost you. Make sure to take care of your supplies and store them somewhere they won’t get ruined.

How To Clean Your Driver & Putter

You should never submerge your driver or putter in the water. Doing so will ruin the internal components and practically ruin your clubs.

What you should do instead is squirt a little soap on a rag and gently rub the club face. Then take a soft bristled brush and gently scrub the grooves to get any dirt or debris out. After that, take a dry rag and make sure the club head is completely dry.

Some people submerge their drivers and putters and then the next round the clubs perform horribly. Save yourself the headache and don’t submerge these clubs.

If you have any questions or concerns I would love to hear about them in comments below. Maybe you also have some tips of your own. I would encourage anyone to share your opinions!

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