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Hitting a solid draw shot is the dream of many golfers. Not all golf courses are equal. Some holes curve to the right while other holes curve to the left. Being able to hit a shot that matches the path of the hole can dramatically lower your score and also make you look like you know what you’re doing out there. Knowing how to hit a draw can be very handy for those holes that curve from right to left. Some golfers get scared when it comes to manipulating the ball flight. Hitting a draw is actually easier than it sounds.

There are many different “guides” floating around about how to draw the golf ball. I would have to say that 95% of these guides are incorrect. They are filled with incorrect directions that are doing more harm than good to your swing. Engineers and golf professionals have gone back to the drawing board and perfected the way to hit a draw on the golf course. I will outline below the correct steps and how to position the club throughout your whole swing.

The New Way Of Hitting A Draw

The myth being passed around the internet and on discussion boards is that in order to hit a draw you must alter your swing path and nothing else. Although an altered swing path is needed in hitting a draw, there are many other factors that come into the overall swing. In order to hit a draw successfully you must alter the club face as well. If you are a righty and you want to hit a draw. You must open up the club face so the golf ball starts it ball flight towards the right of the flag. You should open up your club face roughly 1 to 2 degrees to get this new ball flight.

The second key factor for being successful in hitting a draw is the club path. To get that curved ball flight in the air you must have a wider club path. I like to imagine all of this as a ratio. If you have opened your club face 2 degrees then you should have a wider club path of 4 degrees. Getting this ratio correct can be the difference in hitting it too far to the right or not enough. It can be a little challenging at first but once you get a feel for the ratio it will dramatically change your game overall.

Shifting Your Weight Is Crucial

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When you are trying to hit a shot down the center of the fairway shifting your weight during the swing isn’t that important. When you are trying to hit a draw though, this weight shift can be the make or break you need to be successful. To hit a draw, your club should be leaning more towards the target at impact. It may feel a little awkward the first couple of times you swing but the more you do it the better it will feel.

The forward shift of the club will open up the club face and get that golf ball started out to the right to get that draw started. The lean also promotes an out-to-in ball path. That is what you need to have a successful draw. I always like to say that practice makes perfect when it comes to hitting a successful draw. It won’t come overnight but the more you practice, you should be hitting wonderful looking shots in no time.

4 Tips For Hitting An Easier Draw

There are a couple tips and tricks I like to use when hitting a draw. These slight adjustments will make it easier to get that club around your body and really open up that club face. If these two things don’t happen then you will find the draw a lot harder to achieve. Follow along with these 4 helpful tips to get the desired ball flight you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Move That Right Foot

Before you take your swing, try moving your right foot (if you’re a righty) back slightly. This little movement opens up your downswing and gives you a lot more room for that out-to-in ball flight. Opening up the swing is crucial to achieving a successful draw. Being tight and not having this wide window will cause the ball the shank or go where you don’t want it to go.

2. Swing Those Hands Out

A normal swing usually has your hands going above your shoulders and coming right back down to strike the ball. When you are trying to draw the ball I would suggest getting your hands below your shoulders and coming around your body. This will make it easier to start the ball out to the right and curve it back into the hole. This will promote a more open club face and give you the club path you need.

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

3. Shift Your Hips Not Your Shoulders

When you first start to experiment with the draw you will find yourself trying to shift your shoulders when in reality you should be shifting your hips instead. If you start shifting your shoulders it will give you an incorrect club path which will make the golf ball slice instead of hitting a nice easy draw. You want the motions to be fluid and free of any distractions. Try shifting your hips but also try to keep your shoulders stiff. You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

4. Don’t Rotate Your Forearms

If you remember from earlier your club face should be opened slightly to get that golf ball to start out on the right side. If you rotate your forearms during your swing it will close the club face which will defeat the whole purpose. Try not to rotate your forearms during the swing. It will keep that club face open and give you the draw you need.

It Is A Lot Easier Than It Sounds

If you follow the simple instructions above you will know how to hit a draw in no time. People will comment on how well your ball travels in the air. Some may even ask you for tips. If you have any questions about what I wrote about make sure to post them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to answer anything thrown my way!

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