Men’s Cobra F6 Driver Review & Breakdown

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Product: Cobra F6 Driver

Manufacturer: Cobra Golf 

Slim Golf Rating: 4.5 out 5


  • Super long driver off the tee
  • Very hard to miss with this driver. New club head design makes you very accurate
  • Overall a very well balanced and easy to handle driver. Not heavy in the hands at all
  • Adjustable center of gravity (CG) will give you a higher or lower ball flight depending on your setting


  • Club felt too light for some very fast club head speeds
  • Grip may need to be replaced for a stickier option in a couple years
  • Larger club head caused some golfers issues lining up the golf ball

Key Features

  • Cobra has made their most forgiving driver on the market. The F6 has an adjustable center of gravity weight on the bottom of the club head.
  • The “Front to Back” center of gravity technology will give you a perfect launch each and every time you take a swing.
  • Hosel can be adjusted to manage your launch conditions before you take a swing. This will allow you to maximize distance off the tee box.
  • New forged titanium club face will give you a much larger sweet spot so you won’t shank it in the woods anymore.
  • Expertly crafted speed channel on the front of the club face will increase your ball speed off the club.

The Cobra brand has really taken their driver engineering to the next level. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Cobra name, I think of innovation and power. Some of the best golfers like Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and Lexi Thompson are in the Cobra family. There is a reason why so many people on tour are being sponsored by Cobra, because their equipment works!

The engineers have created a powerful, well balanced driver that is outperforming many clubs on the market. The Cobra F6 driver has so many features packed into this one club, you will find it hard to believe not more people are using it on tour. In this review of the Cobra F6 driver I hope to point out the many amazing things that the company is doing and really highlight why this club should be added to your bag.

Cobra F6 Driver Review

In Depth Driver Review

This driver can definitely cut some strokes off of your handicap and really start transforming you into a quality golfer. Engineers over at Cobra have really outdid themselves with the creation of the front to back weight option. I will discuss that more in detail later on but it was a wonderful addition to an already magnificent driver.

Along with the weights on the bottom of the club, the designers have developed a speed channel on the front of the club face to give your ball a faster speed off the tee. A faster ball speed will have your golf ball traveling much farther down the fairway. Overall, Cobra is checking off a lot of boxes for this driver and I think you will appreciate it as much as I did.

Driver Design – 4.75 out of 5

There are so many design features packed into this wonderful driver. I have touched briefly on a couple earlier like the adjustable center of gravity weights, the speed channel on the front of the club face, and the fully adjustable hosel for different loft degrees. All of these features are done so well that it is hard to realize that you’re getting so much with this driver.

The Cobra F6 driver sports a wonderful “Front to Back” weight system that really changes how your ball performs in the air. Depending on whether you put the weight on the back of the driver or the front you can manipulate how the ball flies off the tee.

If you choose to put the weight on the front of the driver you will notice a lower ball flight with a penetrating roll. If a higher ball flight is more your style then I would recommend putting the weight towards the back of the club. This setting will give you more forgiveness off the tee and a much higher flight in the air. Simply by changing this weight can give your golf ball a significant amount of flight in the air. I don’t think there are any other drivers on the market doing it this simply.

Driver Technology – 4.75 out of 5

Technology is something that the Cobra team did not skip on in this driver design. The F6 driver has so many wonderful features built into it. One awesome feature of this club is the addition of the speed channel implemented on the perimeter of the club face. The reason behind the speed channel is to reduce thickness of the club face and to really give you a faster ball speed off the tee. Users have reported that this addition has added a couple more mph to their ball speed off the rack.

Another fantastic feature built into this driver is the adjustable hosel. This hosel can give you many different loft combinations. Cobra is calling this feature Myfly with Smartpad. You can dial in your exact loft degree and fine tune your distance on any course you play at. This feature is great for any swing speed or playing style because the combinations are endless.

The club face of this driver has also gone back to the drawing board. Cobra has come out with a forged 8-1-1 titanium club face that will give you a much larger sweet spot to aim for. No more hoping to hit the sweet spot. With this driver you will be hitting the sweet spot each and every time.

Performance – 4.75 out of 5

The F6 driver honestly outperforms many clubs on the market. I would have to put this driver at the top of my list as far as performance goes. No other drivers on the market can perform the way the Cobra F6 does. The club is designed to give your ball a much lower spin off the tee which will give your shot more distance down the fairway. Everyone is under the impression that your ball needs to spin very fast to go far. This is a misconception because engineers have discovered that a slower spinning ball flies much farther than a fast spinning golf ball.

The accuracy you get with this driver is phenomenal. When you swing this club there will be no more worrying about where the golf ball is going to go. You will be accurate each time you take a swing. Miss hits are barely noticeable with the F6 in your hands. People will be lining up at the clubhouse to get driving lessons from you when they see how this club performs on the course. You will get a sense of comfort with this club in your bag.

Overall Feel – 4 out of 5

When you first take this club out of your bag you will notice how light it feels in your hands. Engineers have done a wonderful job balancing the weight of this driver. I do have to point out though, that if you have a very fast swing speed, this driver can be a little hard to control. I only saw a couple negative reviews about not being able to control the driver during the swing.

This driver will feel powerful and stable in your hands. You will address the ball and feel like you can smash it 500 yards down the fairway. The sound that also accompanies this driver is next level. You will definitely be turning heads when you make contact on the course.

If You Aren’t Happy With The Cobra F6 Driver

If none of these amazing features catch your eye, there are always other drivers on the market to do the job. I honestly think you should give the Cobra F6 driver a shot because it is great for any playing style from beginner to professional. I always like to give people other options so here are some other wonderful drivers that can really improve your game on the course.

Ping G30 Driver

  • Turbulators on the top of the club head increase your swing speed and give you 5 to 15 additional mph per swing.
  • Redesigned club head makes it very hard to miss the fairway. You will get a solid ball flight each time you tee off.
  • So many adjustment combinations are built into this driver. No more settling for one combination off the rack.
  • The driver sounds and feels amazing in your hands.

Taylormade R15 Driver

  • Unlimited amount of customization options. Adjustable weights will give you endless possibilities.
  • Just like the Cobra F6, the R15 allows you to alter your ball flight with adjustable weights on the bottom of the club head.
  • The R15 is recognized as the most advanced driver on the market. This is definitely a game improvement driver for any skill level.
  • The center of gravity weight has been moved to the bottom of the club to promote a higher ball flight and less spin in the air.

Callaway XR Driver

  • Increased ball speed during impact off the tee.
  • The Callaway XR is very forgiving off the tee. You will not have a lot of mis-hits with this driver in your bag.
  • Club is very lightweight and balanced in your hands.
  • Your drives will become very consistent each time you swing.

Should You Buy The Cobra F6 Driver?

I can definitely say with confidence that the Cobra F6 is next level. The engineering team has really taken this driver to the next level. It is definitely able to compete with some of the big names on tour. There is a reason why so many professionals are using this driver. Because it works and does what it needs to do.

The movable CG weights, the speed channel, and the adjustable hosel really give you unlimited opportunities to improve your game. These amazing features can make this driver something that lasts a long time in your bag. No need to run out and get the latest model each year. This driver will be around for a long time to come.

Let me know what you think about the Cobra F6 in the comments below!

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