What Is The Most Forgiving Driver On The Market?

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Let’s face it. We have all walked up to the first tee box and shanked it into the woods or somewhere on the other fairway. The embarrassment is real and it can be a real downer for the rest of your round. Luckily golf technology has become so advanced that it is almost impossible to miss the fairway. Golf companies have designed drivers to be very forgiving off the tee. I have created this review article to give you a better understanding of what the most forgiving driver is on the market and how it can improve your game dramatically.

Hitting it in the woods on your drive is a thing of the past. Now you can step up to the tee with confidence and smash it down the middle of the fairway. People will be lining up to take driving lessons from you but it will be our little secret as to how you can do it so consistently.

My Top 5 Most Forgiving Drivers

How Did Forgiving Drivers Come To Be?

Back in the day when golf was first played, irons & drivers we designed as “blades”. This means that they had a very small club face and there wasn’t much room for a mistake. You had to have a perfect swing every time to make sure you’re ball was going where it needed to go. There wasn’t really that much room for a miss-hit or off-centered shot.

Now the man that we should be buying beers for in the clubhouse is Karsten Solheim. He is the man who made clubs more forgiving and turned all of us into better golfers. Karsten’s newly designed irons and drivers sported a perimeter weighted design so engineers could make larger sweet spots on the clubs. These advancements now allow all mis-hits and off-center shots to straighten out and stay far away from the woods. Now combine that technology with today’s advancements and it’s nearly impossible to miss the short stuff.

Benefits Of A Forgiving Driver

Using a driver that is very forgiving off the tee can give you a huge advantage. You won’t need to have a perfect swing or a really low handicap to master these clubs. The drivers are the equivalent of a “set it and forget it” model. Simply just step up to the ball and swing your hardest. Just let the driver do all the work. You will be surprised at how well the ball performs with a very forgiving driver. Here are some additional benefits of using a forgiving driver.

No More Aiming For The Middle Of The Club

As I mentioned earlier, the advancement in technology has given drivers and other clubs in your bag a much larger club face. This increase in size has allowed club engineers to add a much larger sweet spot to aim for. Sweet spots are now taking up more room on the club face and it is almost impossible to miss. Faster swinging players will find this larger sweet spot a benefit. They can really “grip it and rip it” down the middle. More forgiving drivers don’t need to hit the golf ball in the middle of the club anymore. That’s definitely a good thing!

Forgiving Drivers Give You More Distance

Whether you are reaching your senior years of golf or start to notice a slower swing speed out of the tee box, forgiving drivers are going to be your best friend. Drivers are now being designed with lightweight club faces and stronger materials to help give your ball the added distance it needs. It doesn’t matter if you start to develop a slower swing because this new technology will substitute the loss of speed to propel the golf ball down the fairway. You will be shocked when you pick up a more advanced driver and start crushing the ball all over the place. It’s amazing how far golf clubs have come.

Precise Control & Accuracy

Newer drivers on the market have the ability to move the center of gravity weights around to give your ball a different flight path. If the ball isn’t performing they way you want it to, simply move the weights around until you are happy with the ball flight. Forgiving drivers are great because it gives you complete control over your whole shot from start to finish. The ball actually goes where you are aiming. Have you ever had a situation where you were aiming one way and the ball goes the total opposite direction? With a forgiving driver in your bag you won’t have this issue anymore.

You Will Save Money And Feel More Confident

Having a driver in your bag that is hurting you more than it is helping you, can play a lot of mental games with your head. The more you hit it into the woods the harder it gets to keep it in the middle. When you pick a club that is forgiving it will completely change the way you think about your golf game. When you start to hit more and more shots down the middle it is a fantastic feeling. You will notice your game improving and golf will become a sport you love playing.

Along with an increase in confidence, you will also save a lot of money with a driver that is known for being forgiving. If you had your old dated driver in your bag you may be scratching your head as to why the golf ball keeps going left or right. Then you spend a lot of money on lessons and new equipment. All of this money can be saved by purchasing a driver that is very forgiving and super easy to hit. Save yourself the headache and get this sooner than later.

My Most Forgiving Driver (Top 5 List)

I have sifted through a lot of drivers on the market and selected my top 5 choices to provide to you. All of my choices fit the criteria and will definitely improve your handicap on the course. Make sure to go into this with an open mind and always be thinking in the back of your head that it is going to make you a better golfer.

Taylormade R15 Driver

This large 460cc driver is wonderful for anyone looking to really improve their driving. This driver is so advanced that it won many awards for being the most versatile driver on the market. There are so many customization options with this club that you can dial in any setting to get that golf ball flying dead straight. Taylormade is synonymous with some of the other major brands on tour like Titleist, Callaway, and Ping. The R15 has been taken to the next level by the engineers and it definitely shows on the review boards. I would have to say that if you want the most forgiving driver on the market then you should definitely look into this club! If you want more details then check out my full length review here.


  • The center of gravity is placed much lower on this club head. This lower CG will give your ball a lower ball flight but also allow you to be super accurate. The engineers figured out that the lower weights gave the club the best performance overall.
  • Customization options are endless with this driver. With two movable weights and an adjustable hosel you can tweak this driver until you can’t swing the club anymore. There is a reason why this driver has won so many awards.
  • This large 460cc club face sports a huge sweet spot that is hard to miss. You won’t have to be precise every time you take a swing.


  • Some shots were actually too straight. Some professional users found it challenging to bend it around corners or fade it around the bend. If hitting it straight is your mission then this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Pieces of the club can’t be interchanged with other Taylormade drivers. If you have older Taylormade drivers you will be out of luck.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

The first thing that you will notice with this driver is how large the head looks. This driver shocked a lot of people when it first came out. The oversized head was confusing to some but it performed well above everyone’s expectations. The Big Bertha 815 is very forgiving off the tee and has a wonderful feel to match. You will feel very comfortable with this driver in your bag and every time you take a swing.


  • The overall forgiveness of this driver is above other models on the market. Reviews online say that it was almost impossible to have a miss-hit or shank. You will be hitting dead accurate drives with the Alpha 815 driver.
  • The customization options on this driver are very easy to tweak. Some other models on the market are complicated to use and usually end up hurting your game more than helping it.
  • The weight distribution on this club is wonderful. You can start to develop an easy stress-free swing in your future years. Everything that the Callaway engineers have done with this club is amazing.


  • Some golfers found it a little hard to master the overall tweaking mechanics. Once this boundary was mastered it was a lot easier to alter your ball flight.
  • A couple users found the extra large head a little distracting. It messed with their mechanics because they were thinking about the larger head.

Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver

The Cobra brand has always been known to produce some amazing looking clubs. Their brand is very well know in the golfing community and it shows on the course. More and more people are sporting Cobra brand equipment. The Fly-Z driver by Cobra is another wonderful driver they can add to their collection. The overall design and technology put into this driver will have people turning heads on the course.


  • The speed channel built into this driver will give you a faster swing speed throughout your whole swing. This channel is a wonderful addition and really adds a lot to the overall mechanics of this driver.
  • The overall forgiveness of this driver is great. It definitely outperforms a lot of the other competitors looking to get that top spot. The larger sweet spot and wider club head will keep the golf ball in the center.
  • The center of gravity weights have been moved to the back and lower end of the driver. This produces a lower ball flight and less spin on impact. A slower spinning ball will actually travel farther than a faster spinning one.


  • The highest loft available for this driver is 11.5 degrees. Some golfers may prefer a higher lofted club because it will get the ball much higher in the air.
  • Some golfers found this driver to have a very distracting sound out of the tee box. The sound was a little off and made it hard to concentrate on the whole swing.

Men’s Ping G30 Driver

The Ping brand has won so many awards during its time in the golf niche. Their original driver the G25 was super popular with many golfers on tour. The G25 was perfect in every aspect of its design. It was actually surprising to see the Ping G30 pass it as far as awards and performance is concerned. The G30 is a powerhouse on tour and definitely earns a spot on this review list.


  • No adjustable weight options are available for this driver but it does sport an adjustable hosel. You can change the loft of the driver to find the optimal ball flight for your playing ability.
  • Engineers at Ping have designed fins on the top of the club head called turbulators. These fin like additions reduce wind drag and give you a much faster swing speed. This theory has been confirmed by many golfers on the review boards.
  • The driver sounds amazing off the tee and is weighted well. Some golfers claimed that this was the most comfortable driver they have ever swung. Sleek looking design makes you want to swing for the fences.


  • Club weight was a little too light for some people’s liking. I personally don’t care how my club is weighted as long as I can get the ball where it needs to go.
  • The G30 equipment is not backwards compatible with the G25 driver. The engineers have used all new technology in the G30 driver so don’t bother trying to mix and match equipment.

Taylormade Aeroburner Driver

The burner brand is very common in the golfing market. Taylormade has done very well with this brand and they were able to keep it around for a while now. If you want to check out my full length review of the Taylormade aeroburner you can hop on over to this page.


  • This is a super long driver out of the tee box. You will be “burning” it down the middle of the fairway with this driver in your hands. There is a reason why this driver got the name Aeroburner.
  • This driver is amazing for any swing speed. The overall forgiveness of this driver will straighten out any horrible shot. No matter how hard you are swinging this driver can pick up where the swing left off.
  • The clean paint scheme of this driver is very easy to line up. Some other drivers on the market have crazy paint colors and it can be confusing to figure out where the ball should be. With the aeroburner this shouldn’t be an issue for you.


  • The loft is not adjustable with this driver. Make sure you are purchasing the correct loft off the rack because this can’t be alter like other clubs on the market.
  • This driver definitely produces more height off the tee but some golfers noticed this higher ball flight took away from their distance.

My Final Opinions

Thanks to advancement in technology, drivers have become so much more forgiving on the course. Now you can pick up one of these drivers and swing as hard as you can because the technology is so advance. You won’t need to have a perfect swing or pristine mechanics to get that ball moving down the middle of the fairway.

My #1 choice for the most forgiving driver on the market is the Taylormade R15 driver. The customization options are endless and this driver performs exceptionally well. If you have used this driver in the past or have any other suggestions I would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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