Ping G30 Irons Review & Breakdown

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Product: Taylormade R7 Irons

Manufacturer: Taylormade Golf

Slim Golf Rating: 4 out 5


  • The Ping G30 irons perform well in any length of grass. These irons are very versatile and give you a lot of freedom around the course.
  • Mis-hits straighten out almost instantly. These irons are very forgiving so no more shanks to compete with. Shots will stay straight the whole way.
  • Wonderful feel to these irons. The Ping brand is known for having a “crack” sound when you make contact with the ball.
  • The flat gunmetal design of these clubs look fantastic. All other irons on the market have the shiny finish. Ping decided to change up the norm and go with the flat metal look. I think it was a wonderful design.


  • The club head on these irons might be a little too large for some users. More advanced users prefer a smaller club head because they are easier to control on the course.
  • The larger club head also made it hard to control around the greens. Having the big club head on these irons might be a little intimidating but once you get used to it your game will improve a lot.

Key Features

  • Ping is a very strong name in golf. They may not advertise as much as the other companies on tour but that’s ok. Once you get a feel for their equipment you will become a loyal customer.
  • The “G” line of irons by Ping are definitely considered a game improvement set so make sure to watch your score drop dramatically. The older G25 irons by Ping were good but the G30 irons take it to the next level as far as design goes.
  • The playability of these irons will shock you. It doesn’t matter if you hit it in the short stuff or the long grass, these irons will get you out of any situation. No more struggling to punch it out to the fairway.
  • The G30 irons are great for any skill level because they are very forgiving. Ping engineers have designed a larger sweet spot on these irons to give your ball the added distance it needs. Now you can hit it just as far even when you hit an off-center shot.
  • The look of these irons will have you turning heads. I personally really like the color scheme they went with on these irons. The flat metal color really pops because no other company is designing their irons like that.

The Ping brand really took off when they picked up Bubba Watson as a sponsored athlete. Bubba is known for the bright pink Ping driver that he sports on tour. The Ping brand is not overly known in the golfing community. Some of the bigger names like Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade put more into advertising and their names are all over the place. Ping has a devoted following and I think that their equipment is built well. Their G30 irons are making a name for themselves on the course and their performance can’t be matched.

Ping G30 Irons Review Video

In Depth Review

I would have to say that the Ping G30 irons are a “set it & forget it” club. When you buy them off the rack take a swing and let the irons do all the work. No more having to master your swing because these irons do all the heavy lifting. These clubs are great for any player looking to get more distance in the fairway and also keep the ball flying straight. Keep reading to get a full in-depth review of these wonderful irons.

Iron Design – 4 out of 5

Engineers over at Ping have designed an eye popping set of irons. The “G” line of irons by Ping feature a flat metal color scheme that really stands out from other iron sets. As I mentioned before, no other companies on tour are going with the flat metal look. All other companies sport the shiny metal finish that blinds you when the sun hits them haha.

The G30 irons are made with stainless steel and have a much lower center of gravity. This weight shift gives the ball a higher flight as well as a smoother swing overall. The weight is distributed well throughout these clubs and keeps your swing smooth.

Technology Behind The G30 Irons – 4 out of 5

The technology packed into these irons perform well in any condition thrown at it. With Ping’s tuning port, you can customize your clubs weight. The ports act as a swing aid but also give you the comfort needed when making contact. The weight is distributed around the club face to increase your moment of inertia (MOI).

Also these clubs sport a much lower center of gravity. This will make your irons look a little larger but once you get used to the oversized club head it will be smooth sailing. Shifting the weights lower on the irons really pop your ball into the air. The higher ball flight with a soft landing is what you will achieve with these irons.

Iron Performance – 4 out of 5

The G30 irons perform very well on the course. They are known to be very forgiving and any mis-hits straighten out almost magically. You will notice that you can hit your irons longer with these clubs. They are designed so well that most users are noticing a 5 to 10 yard increase when they swing these clubs.

The long and short irons in this set all performed exceptionally well. The long irons stayed straight and long while the short irons were easy to control around the greens. The larger club head definitely takes some getting used to. They aren’t overly distracting but they are definitely noticeable.

Feel – 4 out of 5

Mostly all of the Ping clubs on the market sport a “crack” when you make contact. This is another feature that makes them stand out from their competition. The G30 irons keep with this theme and have a “crack” sound when you strike the golf ball. I personally enjoy the sound and it makes it seem like I am crushing the ball every time.

The weight distributed throughout these irons feel great in your hands. I have swung some heavy irons in the past but the G30 irons are comfortable and not overly heavy. You will be able to swing your hardest and still get a lot of control on the course.

Alternatives To The Ping G30 Irons

Unfortunately, these irons aren’t for everyone. Some golfers may prefer a small club head while other players may not like the overall weight of these irons. Luckily, there are other wonderful iron sets on the market. Here are some other suggestions for iron sets I think will benefit your game overall. All of the sets below are perfect for beginners all the way up to professionals. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Taylormade M2 Irons

I currently have the M2 irons in my bag and let me say that I truly love these clubs. They have given me a considerable amount of distance in the fairways and dropped my handicap a couple of points. I have never swung a more forgiving iron set in my life. Another advantage is that these irons look wonderful, almost a little futuristic. You will be turning heads on the course when you start swinging these irons.

  • You will need to club down with these irons because they add roughly 10-20 more yards to your shots. When I first started using these clubs I noticed a 15 yard increase on the course. I couldn’t believe it!
  • An oversized sweet spot makes these irons very forgiving. No more having to guess where to hit the golf ball or how to strike it. Just take a whack with these irons and watch the ball fly.
  • A speed pocket has been placed on these irons to give you less wind drag during your swing. My swing speed has increased dramatically and the ball is flying farther than I ever could have expected.

Cobra Max Irons

Cobra is very similar to the Ping brand. They don’t do very much advertising but they are slowly making a name for themselves on tour. The Cobra Max irons are a wonderful set that will definitely improve your iron game. These irons have a “grip it and rip” design that performs well in any grass length.

  • These slim designed irons are easy to control around the course and also give you some room to alter your ball flight. Weight has been moved to the bottom of the clubs and the engineers have thinned out the top to make the clubs appear smaller.
  • A speed channel has been added to these irons to give you a faster club head speed. The channel removes drag and allows you to swing more freely. You won’t need a fast swing to get these irons to do what you want.
  • The Cobra max irons look great in your bag but even better on the course. The subtle color scheme of these irons will make you feel like you can smash it 300+ yards.

Should You Buy The Ping G30 Irons?

If you want a reliable iron set that performs well in any condition then you should buy the G30 irons. With their matte gunmetal design and sleek color scheme you will be creating a lot of curiosity in your group. The G30 irons can keep up with some of the larger brands on tour. Ping is really making a name for themselves and their equipment is something to look out for.

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