Ping Glide Wedge Review – Full Breakdown

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Product: Ping Glide Wedge

Manufacturer: Ping Golf

Slim Golf Rating: 4.25 out 5


  • Thicker grip on the wedge makes it easier to control this club around the green. Gripping down on the club makes it easier to control.
  • These wedges “glide” through the grass so there are no more bladed or chunked shots.
  • Depending on the loft of your choice, the clubs will have a specific groove set. Higher lofted shots will have more spin than the lower lofted clubs.
  • There are three different sole widths you can choose from. There is Thin, Standard, and Wide.


  • Some golfers found that picking the right loft for your playing ability takes some time and professional opinion.
  • The soft feel of these wedges made it hard to judge some shots around the green. The feedback isn’t very noticeable.
  • Not as flashy as some of the other wedges on the market. Greater focus on the technology than the looks.

Key Features

  • Ping engineers have stated that they have designed this wedge from the grip down. They wanted to develop a well rounded grip before focusing on the actual golf club.
  • The wedge has two shaft options. There is a graphite shaft and also a steel shaft. Most golfers will prefer the CFS steel shaft for this wedge. The shaft feels light in your hands and makes this wedge easy to get around your body.
  • The glide’s clubhead does just that in the grass. It was designed to “glide” through grass and sand with ease. The chrome finish on the club head gives it an almost slippery feeling when you make contact with the ground.
  • There are three different sole widths to choose from with the Ping glide wedges. The options are Thin, Wide, Standard. All sport different widths but they also sport different grooves on the club face to give your golf ball more or less spin.
  • These wedges have a great deal of forgiveness around the green. Off-center chips still seem to straighten out on the green.

Ping isn’t very well known in the wedge department. The company specializes in drivers and irons. I have reviewed their G30 irons as well as their G30 driver and both performed exceptionally well. When I heard there was a wedge being designed by Ping I just knew I had to give it a full review. Surprisingly, this club performed well and can definitely keep up with other wedge manufacturers on tour.

Ping Glide Wedge Review Video

In Depth Review

Ping has really gone out of their comfort zone with the design of these wedges. The brand isn’t well known in this space. There are other major name brands on tour killing it in the wedge game. Titleist being the #1 choice. Ping has designed a wonderful club that can get you up and down very easily. The subtle design and technology packed into this little wedge can do wonders around the green and in the sand.

Wedge Design – 4 out of 5

This wedge definitely has a minimalistic design when it is compared to other clubs on the market. When you look at it though, you will be able to tell that it belongs in the Ping family. This wedge doesn’t have much going for it as far as design goes. The technology packed into this wedge will be covered next but there is nothing on this wedge that is going to be turning heads on the golf course.

The club sports an average club head size with a rounded edge and toe. Overall I would have to say that this wedge looks very clean and modern. Put this in your golf bag and your partners will think you actually know what you’re doing haha! There are no crazy designs or bright colors on this wedge. Ping is confident in their technology and performance with this golf club.

Wedge Technology – 4 out of 5

There are two things that should be pointed out when talking about this wedge. Ping engineers have introduced “Optimized Grooves” as well as a new “Dyla Wedge Grip”.

The team over at Ping have discovered by doing a ton of testing that higher lofted wedges need more spin to get that ball close to the flag. The opposite was found for lower lofted wedges. The ball needs to be spinning less to get it sitting soft on the green. Ping has designed their Optimized Grooves to do just that. The grooves you have for higher lofted wedges won’t be the same grooves for lower lofted clubs. If you pull out a 60 degree wedge it’s not going to have the same groove design as say a 47 degree wedge. Ping got great feedback with this design change and I think a lot of players appreciated it.

Engineers wanted to design this wedge from the grip down. The team has come up with a new design called the Dyla-Wedge grip and it is a wonderful option for off the rack wedges. The new grip is slightly larger and doesn’t taper off towards the bottom. This is good for when you have to choke down on the club for more controlled shots. Also the grip features a visual aid so you know where to put your hands when you have to hit a choked down shot.

Wedge Performance – 4.5 out of 5

Ping hasn’t held back in the overall performance of this wedge. Engineers have improved everything from the grip to the club head. Nothing has been left out with this redesigned wedge. As I mentioned earlier there are three different sole options you can pick for this wedge. I would suggest working with a pro to figure out which sole would be the best for your swing style. They all perform equally well so don’t be nervous about that.

The wedge is surprisingly also very forgiving. When you mention forgiveness with a wedge some people would say that is weird. Don’t think of forgiveness in a wedge the same way you would with a driver or iron. Forgiveness in a wedge still gets the ball going where you were aiming but miss hits or shanks still get the ball spinning and heading in the right direction. It is slightly different than a driver or iron. You will be pleasantly surprised when you take your first couple of shots with this wedge.

Overall Feel – 4.5 out of 5

Just like all of their other clubs on the market. The Ping glide wedge has a very muted sound but provides you with a significant amount of feedback. The weight is distributed perfectly and it feels wonderful in your hands. No more having to struggle with heavy wedges around the green. The redesigned shaft on this wedge is lightweight and easy to handle.

Ping really knows how to design their clubs for maximum comfort. They never put heavy club heads in their design because they know golfers don’t approve. Instead they distribute the weight throughout the whole club so it makes swinging the stick more enjoyable.

Should You Buy The Ping Glide Wedge?

I would have to give this wedge two thumbs up! It can keep up with the other bigger brands on the market. The Ping engineers have designed a simple but powerful wedge that can really help you around the green. The slick club head design and larger grip makes this a wonderful wedge to hit. Don’t let the minimal design sway your decision. You will be getting up and down with ease. Save yourself the hassle and check out this wedge for yourself!

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