Square Strike Wedge Review – Full Breakdown

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Product: Square Strike Wedge

Manufacturer: Square Strike Wedge

Slim Golf Rating: 4.3 out 5


  • Shots around the green have become a lot easier to control.
  • Your short game will be a lot more consistent.
  • No more chunked shots around the green. Get a smooth and consistent strike every time.
  • Hit straighter and more precise shots around the flag.


  • Club has a heavier feel to it. Almost has the same feel and weight as a putter. Takes some getting used to.
  • Some users found the wedge to have a lack of feedback. A couple shots were hard to judge whether it was a miss-hit.
  • Sand shots are a little complicated to control with the square strike wedge. This club was designed more to be used around the green.

Key Features

  • Chunked chips around the green are a thing of the past. The perfectly weighted wedge will have you hitting consistent shots every time. The weighted technology in this wedge will get the club under the ball and you will start to see the shots you always dreamed of.
  • No more rotational club path around the green. The square strike will give you a smooth front to back club path to keep the golf ball going straight.
  • High MOI & expertly crafted center of gravity (COG) gives this wedge a lot of momentum. This means that a slower swing can also get the job done thanks to the weight improvements.
  • The overall look of this club is unconventional but the results are astonishing. You won’t believe how well this club performed around the green.
  • Shooting balls over the green or chunking shots disappeared with this club in my bag.

Normally anything with an infomercial throws up red flags when I see it. The square strike wedge really crushes any skepticism you would have with infomercial products. This club may look and feel different in your hands but its performance is next level. Short game shots around the green perform better than some of the tour clubs on the market. You honestly need to give this wedge a try. You will be shocked as to how well it performs. Your score may even drop 5 strokes!

Square Strike Wedge Review Video

In Depth Review

I don’t know about you but when it comes to chipping around the green I am just not that confident in my overall swing. Some shots fly over the green while other shots barely go two feet in front of me. Every other aspect of my game may be on point but when it comes to chipping I freeze up. This constant mental battle is the reason why my golf score is so high. Check out my full depth review to see why the square strike wedge is so beneficial to your game.

Overall Design – 4.5 out of 5

The overall design of this wedge is definitely unconventional to say the least. The bright green backing and square design of this club will have you turning heads on the course. I can’t recall any other wedges on the market with this same design. As unique as this club looks, its performance is off the charts. I will discuss performance a little later on but don’t overlook the design aspect.

The center of gravity has been redesigned to give you that front to back motion needed to hit straight shots. The sole and edge of this wedge has also been redesigned to limit chunks and bladed shots. All you will be hitting with this wedge is consistent straight shots.

Square Strike Technology – 4.5 out of 5

This wedges technology is unlike anything on the market. The engineers over at Square Strike have really taken this club to new levels. The team has evaluated most of the wedges on tour and picked out what works and what doesn’t. They then combined all the working components into one single wedge.

The technology works the same way like a putter does. It works almost the same way a pendulum does. The front to back motion keeps the golf ball straight but also eliminates chunked shots. The golf ball will pop out of the grass and land softly on the green for precise shots.

Wedge Performance – 5 out of 5

Surprisingly, this wedge performs amazing. A wedge being sold through commercials can’t perform well on the golf course. Boy was I wrong. Any shots that are 60 yards or less are the perfect scenario for this wedge shot. Longer shots may be a little bit more complicated to hit just because this wedge was designed to be used like a putter.

I would have to say that this wedge can definitely keep up with other models on the market. It doesn’t matter how bad your swing is. This wedge somehow still gets the golf ball up in the air. Some user reviews even tried to chunk or blade a shot and the ball still performed well. This is due to the larger sole on this wonderful wedge.

Overall Feel – 3.5 out of 5

Most of the reviews online say that this wedge has a very soothing sound when you strike the golf ball. A handful of reviews said that this dampening shot made it hard to judge. The feedback given off by this wedge is almost unnoticeable. This is because of the weight shift designed by the wedge’s engineers.

You will notice a little bit of a heavier wedge design. Some users compared it to a putter at how the weight was distributed. The weight and feel of this wedge definitely takes some getting used to so that is why I gave it a lower score on the feel aspect.

Should You Buy The Square Strike Wedge?

I personally think that you should look into buying the square strike wedge. It outperforms many wedges on the market and I think that it can bring your score down dramatically. The redesigned wedge feels like a putter but keeps your golf ball flying straight. Even though it was on an infomercial it outperformed my expectations. Definitely look into getting this wedge for your bag!

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