Taylormade M2 Irons Review & Breakdown

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Product: Taylormade M2 Irons

Manufacturer: Taylormade Golf

Slim Golf Rating: 5 out 5


  • The M2 irons are some of the longest clubs in the game. Engineers were able to manufacture irons that perform well in any situation. Don’t be nervous to hit these irons from the rough or the fairway.
  • These irons are known to be very forgiving. The oversized sweet spot built into these clubs will have you hitting it straight every time. Known for being overly forgiving on the course.
  • Well balanced and powerful looking irons. You will feel like you can hit the ball miles down the fairway with these irons in your hands. These irons definitely have a unique design to them but they perform well in every aspect.
  • The feel of these irons will leave your hands feeling good even after the swing. Other irons on the market fail to leave your hands feeling ok even during a mis-hit. The M2 irons do a wonderful job with this lasting feeling.


  • Some users & reviews complained that these irons hit the golf ball too high in the air. It was a little hard to control at first but once you get the hang of it you will be amazed by these clubs.
  • The new Face Slot technology built into these irons give it a more muffled sound during impact. You may have some trouble reading your shots because the feedback given with these irons are tough to understand.
  • The lower center of gravity weights give the irons a slightly larger club face. It may seem a little uncomfortable at first but I promise you, they will work to your advantage.

Key Features

  • The M2 irons have been completely redesigned. Engineers have developed a better performing face slot on these irons. The leading edge of these irons have been reduced by 33%. This allowed for a redesigned face slot to give you a faster swing speed upon impact.
  • A new speed pocket has been placed onto these irons as well. This pocket add on is designed to give you a faster ball speed as well as a much quicker swing overall. The speed pocket reduces wind drag on the iron and speeds up your swing.
  • The hosel on these irons have been redesigned as well. The six sided hosel allowed the engineers at Taylormade to create a much lower and larger center of gravity. This center of gravity improvement will make these irons very forgiving and keep the golf ball traveling straight.
  • These irons completely smash the ball. You will notice a significant amount of distance has been added to your shots. The Taylormade M2 irons have been designed so well, that you should club down because your shots will travel so much farther. I personally use these clubs at the moment and they have given me so much more distance in the fairway and around the greens. I feel like a new golfer.

Taylormade has had much success with their club designs recently. With the addition of the “M” line of clubs, their brand is starting to make a real name for themselves. As I mentioned earlier, I currently use the M2 irons. The technology is perfect and the overall performance is next level. I couldn’t believe how well my game improved and how low my handicap could get.

There are a lot of irons on the market and it can be hard to make the best purchase. I created this Taylormade M2 irons review to highlight the pros and cons of these irons and to make your decision process a little easier. I personally love these irons and I think they will be in my bag for many more years to come.

Taylormade M2 Irons Review Video

In Depth Iron Review

The M2 irons are probably the most forgiving clubs on the market. You will gain a sense of confidence when you’re lining up for your 2nd and 3rd shots. My overall mindset and confidence improved when I started swinging these clubs. You will actually enjoy playing golf when you start to notice an improvement with these clubs. Taylormade is doing a wonderful job and I predict these irons will win a lot of awards in the future. They are still young and many golfers are still getting use to them.

Overall Design – 5 out of 5

The engineers have designed one heck of an iron set. The M2 irons were crafted very well and it will show in their overall performance. First let me start by saying that these irons look great off the shelf. Their industrial and almost futuristic look make these irons feel very powerful. These are some of the longest irons in the game and this happened because they were crafted almost perfectly.

There are a lot of things to look at with these irons. There is a redesigned speed pocket to give you a much faster swing speed. Also there is an updated face slot to give your ball more speed off the club face and in turn will make it travel farther. Finally there is a redesigned hosel to give the engineers more room to play with on the irons. There won’t be a shortage of things to look at when you pick up these clubs.

Club Technology – 5 out of 5

Technology is something that the engineering team over at Taylormade didn’t leave out of the blueprint. The team has pulled out all the stops with this iron set. All of the technology packed into these little irons give your game the much needed improvement it needs. Just like the Taylormade M2 driver, the M2 irons are definitely able to keep up with the stiff competition.

The design team has completely stripped these clubs down and rebuilt them from scratch. The advancements and redesigns will give your golf game the added distance it needs. When you hit the ball with these irons you will notice a much higher ball flight as compared to other irons on the market. Some people found this to be a turnoff but I definitely look at it as an advantage. A higher flying ball will travel much farther.

Iron Performance – 5 out of 5

I know I sound like I’m on repeat but these irons perform exceptionally well in any condition. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional. These irons will find a way to improve your overall score. These clubs definitely out perform some of the other major brands on the market. One thing that I instantly noticed with these irons is how well they perform out of the rough. My older irons didn’t perform nearly as well as the M2 irons performed.

With the addition of the speed pocket, lower center of gravity, and face slot, these irons can get you out of any grass. Your ball will fly straight and long every time. These are definitely a “grip it and rip it” club. The forgiveness of these irons are noticeable and a wonderful addition overall. These will hopefully be a smooth transition from your older irons. I found the transition easy and my game improved almost instantly. It took a couple holes to get use to the design and feel but it was a wonderful change.

Feel – 5 out of 5

The feeling you get with these irons are out of this world. I have never swung an iron that is as comfortable as these are. The weight distribution and feeling in your hands after a shot is outstanding. The smoothness and steady mechanics of these irons make my swing almost effortless. You won’t notice a stinging feeling in your hands when you have a miss-hit or off-center shot. The sweet spot is large enough to mask these feelings and almost give you a “happy” feeling throughout your whole swing.

Alternatives To The Taylormade M2 Irons

I don’t agree that you should look at different iron sets because I believe the M2 irons are the best. If you really aren’t convinced though, and need some other options, I have listed a couple pros for other irons on the market. If you have any questions or have used the M2 irons in the past please let me know in the comments below!

Cobra Max Irons

The max irons by Cobra really take club design to the next level. As compared to the M2 irons, the Cobra max irons perform well in any condition and are known to be super forgiving. They may have a smaller price tag than the M2 irons but they perform just as well. If the M2 irons are too expensive or if you want something a little more affordable then the max irons by Cobra are a solid second choice.

  • Miss-hits and off-center shots still fly straight wherever you are aiming. If you want to feel confident in the fairway then you should check out these irons.
  • The max irons also sport a speed channel to give you a faster swing speed and better control with your swing mechanics. Both Cobra and Taylormade decided that a speed channel would improve their designs dramatically.
  • These irons are very stable throughout the whole swing and it shouldn’t be an issue getting them around your body.

Callaway Rogue X Irons

Callaway has designed a lot of wonderful clubs throughout the years. The Rogue X irons by Callaway have been completely redesigned to give you greater distance and accuracy in the fairways. You will be sticking every green when you swing these irons. There is a reason why so many people are picking up the Rogue X irons. The reason is because they work and they are doing what they need to do.

  • Speed and distance will be noticeably larger when you take these irons for a round of golf. Engineers have found a way to pack a bunch of technology into this wonderful iron.
  • These irons, like many of the other irons on this list, are very forgiving. It is definitely a staple now, to have a club design that is forgiving in any condition. Callaway does a wonderful job doing this.
  • The sound of these irons are very controlled. You will get a great read on your shots when you make contact with the golf ball. The club sound gives a lot of feedback.

Should You Buy The Taylormade M2 Irons?

Yes! You most certainly should add the Taylormade M2 irons to your bag. You will notice a decrease in your score as well as a decrease in your overall handicap. No more having to fight with your irons to get to the greens in regulation. With the M2s you will be hitting longer and straighter shots each and every time. The friends you play with on the course will be jealous as to how much your game has improved with the addition of these irons.

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