Men’s Taylormade R15 Driver Review

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Product: Taylormade R15 Driver

Manufacturer: Taylormade

Slim Golf Rating: 4.5 out 5


  • Able to get a ton of distance off the tee
  • Lower ball spin with a much better accuracy
  • Unlimited amount of customization on club head
  • Tweaking your ball flight is possible with this club


  • Some shots are actually too straight. Tough to bend it around corners
  • Unable to adjust the loft of the club head
  • Older pieces aren’t compatible with other Taylormade clubs

Key Features

  • Golf’s most advanced driver on the market. So many customization options available with this driver. Options for every playing style.
  • Sliding weight allow you to adjust for a draw, fade, slice, or anything in between. Depending on your playing ability there is a setting you can lock in to.
  • Larger club head and sweet spot will have you hitting the ball consistently each and every time. No more miss hits or shanking it into the woods.
  • Weight of the club is positioned lower to the ground to promote a higher ball flight and less spin. This will really get your ball moving down the fairway.

Taylormade has introduced many drivers into their R line of clubs. My first driver was the Taylormade R5 and I loved it! It really took my drives to the next level and really made me love the game of golf. As the years went on and technology got more advanced, Taylormade improved their R line and eventually came up with the R15 driver and put it into the market. This Taylormade R15 driver review will touch on all the things they did great while also highlighting some imperfections with this club.

Overall this is a fantastic driver and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their drives off the tee. I am very loyal to the Taylormade brand and you will see why in the following article.

Review Of The Taylormade R15 Driver

Detailed Review Of The Taylormade R15

I have been very loyal to the Taylormade brand. I have used many of their clubs in the past and all of them have outperformed my expectations. The R15 is probably at the top of my list as far as drivers go. The distance and customization options you get with this driver are out of this world.

Overall Design – 4.5 out of 5

Taylormade engineers looked at many different drivers on the market and evaluated them. They took the designs that were performing well and tried to create something better. Many clubs on the market had a much higher “CG” or center of gravity. Taylormade decided to make the center of gravity much lower so it could get that ball much higher in the air.

When you look at the Taylormade R15 driver you will notice how much slimmer the club head looks compared to other drivers on the market. The idea behind this was to pop that ball into the air. Everyone knows that a higher ball will travel much farther than a lower ball flight. I don’t think there is another driver on the market doing this same thing.

Driver Technology – 4.5 out of 5

You can pretty much put the ball anywhere on this driver and it will fly down the fairway. With the unlimited number of weight combinations users found it hard to push the ball out of the fairway. You can definitely take a very strong swing at this club and be guaranteed to hit a sweet spot somewhere.

This feeling will give you so much confidence when you’re addressing the golf ball. There’s no better feeling then being confident in your swing so you can focus on other things. Focusing on your swing and where the ball is going to go on the drive is not a good thing to be thinking about your whole round of golf. The Taylormade R15 has a wonderfully designed club face so hitting the sweet spot is inevitable.

Club Performance – 4.5 out of 5

It’s no surprise that Taylormade used all of their older designs to make this overall amazing driver. They took everything that worked on their older models to design this wonderful driver that any skilled golfer can use. Sure some golfers want a less complicated club, but the R15 gives you so many options its hard to pass up.

Once you are able to lock into the best driver combination you will be smashing the ball. You may even shave a couple strokes off your handicap with this club in your bag. The two movable weights on the bottom of this driver really can alter your ball flight in the air. If you are constantly pushing or drawing the ball in the air. Make a couple adjustments to the weights and find the best combination to really straighten that ball out. You will be surprised as to what you can do with this club.

Overall Feel – 4.5 out of 5

Whenever you hit the ball solid it is an amazing feeling. Mis-hits and shanks are not easy on the hands and usually leave a rough stinging. The overall feel of this driver in my hands was amazing. I was sure that I had a couple mis-hits but everything felt solid and there weren’t any uncomfortable feelings left in my hands.

I almost found it hard to pick another club that felt better than the R15. The sound of the driver hitting the ball is pleasant and the overall weight of the driver is unbelievable. I found myself swinging the driver much harder because I could feel how light it was in my hands. Not sure if that was their intention but it is definitely working for me. You won’t believe how great this club feels in your hands.

Alternatives To The Taylormade R15 Driver

This section always kills me because I wouldn’t have wrote a whole review on the Taylormade R15 if I thought there were better drivers out there. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same golf game as I do and may require a better driver for their playing ability. That’s ok because I have outlined some solid options to rival the Taylormade R15.

Callaway XR16 Driver

  • Callaway has created a lot of commotion with the design of their XR16 driver.
  • You will be asking yourself how you are smashing the ball so far down the fairway.
  • Callaway really went back to the drawing boards with this driver and gave it a total overhaul.

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

  • This is another fantastic driver by the Callaway brand.
  • I personally don’t like to use this brand of Callaway but I know some people are crazy about it.
  • Give this club a shot and see how it performs on the range.

Should You Buy The Taylormade R15?

Taylormade has made some very wonderful clubs in the past. With the launch of their R line, Taylormade took what worked for some companies and packed it all into their R15 driver. I stand by the Taylormade brand and I think what they are doing over there is fantastic.

If you are a beginner or a professional I highly suggest putting this driver in your bag. Not only will you shave shots off your handicap but you will be giving a driving clinic each and every time you’re on the tee.

If you have used this club in the past or are currently using it make sure to drop a comment in the section below! I would love to hear what you think about this club.

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