Taylormade R7 Irons Review & Breakdown

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Product: Taylormade R7 Irons

Manufacturer: Taylormade Golf

Slim Golf Rating: 4 out 5


  • Club face has been redesigned to give you a much larger sweet spot. No more guessing where the ball is going to fly because you will be hitting the sweet spot every time you take a swing.
  • Larger sweet spot means that these irons are much more forgiving on the course. You won’t have to have a perfect swing to master these irons. Let the clubs do all the work.
  • The face on these irons give your golf ball a significant amount of spin. A faster spinning golf ball is great for distance control and accuracy.
  • The value of these irons are a no brainer. There are many more expensive irons on the market that perform equally as well as the R7 irons.


  • The larger sweet spot on these irons means you will have a larger looking club head. If larger irons aren’t distracting to you then you will have no issues with the R7 irons.
  • Some users noticed that these irons gave them a little less distance. Although the distance was shorter, they found the clubs to feel great and they gave them a great deal of accuracy.
  • These are older irons in the Taylormade line of clubs. If you are just starting out or looking to make an affordable switch then you should check out this iron set.

Key Features

  • The technology of these irons have been completely reconstructed. A new “Inverted Cone Technology” has been invented to give you greater distance and much faster golf ball speed. Taylormade has figured out a way to give you all those things but not change up the overall design of the club.
  • Many people praised the overall feel of these irons. These clubs feel very soft on impact and leave your hands feeling great. No more stinging or vibrations on the grips when you have a bad hit. The clubs absorb the vibrations and distribute them evenly throughout the whole iron.
  • The center of gravity has been moved to the bottom of the iron. This slight movement gives you a higher ball flight and allows your golf ball to travel farther. A lot of companies are doing this now because they are noticing that it works.
  • Another technology improvement is the addition of “Launch Control”. Now golfers have the ability to customize their ball flight to cater to their preferences.
  • These irons have two different types of shafts. You can choose from a steel or graphite shaft. I personally prefer steel shafts on irons but if you have a slower swing then you can definitely benefit from a graphite shaft. The graphite is more flexible and gives you the added speed you need.

Taylormade has had much success with their irons. The brand has won many awards and they continue to produce quality equipment. If you are a golfer on a budget but also looking for quality irons then you should consider the Taylormade R7 irons. This iron set will lower your handicap but also make the game of golf very enjoyable.

These clubs will give you an accurate shot while also giving you the distance you need to at least make par. No more having to struggle to get to the green every hole. With the R7 irons in your arsenal you will be waiting for everyone else to get to the green.

Taylormade R7 Irons Review Video

In Depth Review

You will notice with the R7 irons that they are very forgiving. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you swing, the R7 irons will do all the work. The short and long irons are built very well and give you a huge amount of confidence on your shots. Being confident on the golf course is huge because it can definitely impact your game. If you are always second guessing your clubs or worried about where the ball is going to go you will see your score start to get higher.

Design – 4.25 out of 5

These irons have been designed exceptionally well. Everything from the color scheme to overall look will make you feel like you can smash the ball down the fairway and onto the green. The clubs have been manufactured to give you a higher ball flight but they also feel comfortable in your hands. The club head design on these irons really pop the golf ball up into the air. Slower swings will also notice a higher flying ball. The overall design of these irons can compete with some of the bigger brands on the market.

Technology – 3.75 out of 5

There have been a lot of technological advancements with this iron set. The club face has been completely rebuilt to give you a larger sweet spot to aim for. Some of the older irons had tiny sweet spots and it was nearly impossible to hit this each and every time. Taylormade realized this and made the sweet spot on these irons almost impossible to miss.

Another technology improvement was the addition of the inverted cone. This term phased by Taylormade, will give you greater distance off the grass and get your golf ball spinning much faster. A faster spinning golf ball is easy to aim and control around the golf course. The inverted cone won’t be noticeable on the irons but you will definitely notice it when you hit the golf ball.

Overall Performance – 4 out of 5

Overall, these irons performed just as well as some of the more popular irons on tour. For the price of these irons it is a no brainer. Why not get an iron set that performs exceptionally well but at a fraction of the price. Some golfers are spending in the high $500 for irons that are performing equally as well as the R7 irons.

These clubs can perform in any condition. Whether you hit it in the short grass or long rough these irons can do their job. I have always had a hard time with the rough. When I tried the R7 irons it was so easy to make it out of the rough. There was no more second guessing my club choice or regretting hitting it into the long stuff.

Feel – 4 out of 5

As I mentioned before, these irons feel amazing in your hands. The club face has been designed to absorb the impact and distribute it evenly throughout the whole club. It almost feels like you are making contact with air instead of hitting the golf ball. The softness upon impact is wonderful and a great addition by the team at Taylormade. There are no more stinging feeling in your hands when you have a miss-hit or off-center shot.

Alternatives To The Taylormade R7 Irons

If you are turned off by anything I mentioned in this review then let me give you some other options to consider. All of these iron choices are great and can definitely improve your overall game. If you are looking for a more affordable route, the R7 irons should be your first choice.

Taylormade M2 Irons

Let me first start by saying that I really enjoy all of the irons that Taylormade manufactures. I am currently using the M2 irons and they are a wonderful addition to my bag. The “M” line of clubs produced by Taylormade have been unstoppable and a solid choice if you’re looking for a great bargain. Taylormade has just released the newer “M” irons so these irons may be heavily discounted.

  • I noticed a considerable amount of distance with these irons. I was getting so much distance with these clubs that I now have to club down to hit it where I would like the ball to go. No other iron set has been able to do that for me.
  • These irons are also very forgiving like the R7 irons. You won’t have to second guess your swing. These clubs have a much larger sweet spot and straighten out in the air upon impact.
  • The club head has been reduced by 33% and gives you much more control overall. These irons are easy to aim and manipulate around the golf course. I have hit some wonderful shots with these irons in my arsenal.

Cobra Max Irons

Cobra is also another wonderful brand producing irons. The max irons are wonderful clubs built for the beginner golfer. People just starting out or looking to improve their handicap should look further into these irons. The max irons are known for their forgiveness and flexibility around the course.

  • Miss-hits and off-center shots tend to straighten out in the air. It doesn’t matter if you hit a bad shot, these clubs will do the heavy lifting and hopefully get the golf ball flying straight. The engineers at Cobra have figure out a way to improve your ball flight and get them flying accurately.
  • Shorter irons were easy to aim around the green and longer irons were much easier to control during the whole swing. Some people struggle to hit their longer irons because there is a small window of success. The max irons break this window and allow you to grip it and rip with the longer clubs.
  • Longer irons will give you a higher ball flight while the shorter irons give your ball enough spin to stick it onto the green. Now you can take dead on aim with these irons and the ball will go where you’re aiming.

Should You Buy The Taylormade R7 Irons?

If you are a golfer looking to bring down your handicap but at an affordable rate then you should definitely invest in the R7 irons by Taylormade. These irons have been produced fantastically and make the game of golf really enjoyable. Sure there are newer irons on the market, but the price for these clubs are out of this world. Save yourself some money and check out the R7 irons. You will be surprised at how well your game improves over time.

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